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When Sweetie Belle is accepted into the mysterious Canterlot Music Meister Academy, she finds that life in a school filled with eccentric teachers, odd students, and lots of music is anything but normal.

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First Published
28th Nov 2012
Last Modified
24th Jan 2014

Who wrote this shit?!

>>1699157 Cool it man. I'll knock your teeth in!:flutterrage:

This is very interesting start. :pinkiehappy: The fight between Octavia and Thunderlane was epic! I will continue this later. :rainbowkiss:

I was kidding with darthrex, btw. :rainbowwild:

I know it's moot to point out that I like this, since I told you so already. So I'll let my friend handle this...


Oh no you don't get off that easy! Let's fight IRL, Do you even Lift?!

:rainbowhuh: that Thunderlane character sounds an awful lot my own OC: Darkblaze, black pegasus, blue mane, amber eyes, can use magic. except my OC was a shadowbolt... sooooo obvs just a coincidence... or sorcery. love the music based magic Idea though :twilightsmile: keep it up

that. is. awesome. :rainbowkiss: love it need more

>>1699409 I lift your momma everyday in bed. :pinkiecrazy:

I love everything about this.

Also, Meisters? Thunderlane going evil and being turned into a crystal? A bit of Soul Eater influence I'm guessing.


To be fair, on the blogpost that I announced the story on, I posted an actual Soul Eater video as one of my influences. That, and Scott Pilgrim.

>>1701352 Ahh looks like I missed that post. Sounds great to me.

Damn it, Thunderlane. This is why we can't have nice things.

Being all evil and shit...


Interestingly...did you actually read it? Considering I tend to read your hilariously-sickening stuff...

just from reading the title all that comes to my mind is the malcolm in the middle theme song boss of me by they might be giants


That is exactly what the song this fic is named for, so kudos to you!

Great stuff so far, very well written, I could picture the whole thing perfectly

One small nic-pick:

“I think you know.”

Thunderlane smiled and took a step toward Octavia. “Let’s pretend I don’t.”

That right there is not only a cheap trope used for exposition, but it is also unnecessary in this story since   there is no need for this dialogue to tie in the previous question. He already asked the question, this only makes the dialogue cheesy

If that's what you were going for then fine, I can see you implementing old kung-fu exploitation movies' dialogue into your story, otherwise I would take that out.

This was so awesome <3 Sweetie Belle is such a good singer

Blueblood’s eyes narrowed. “She’s not taking a test for the school I’m thinking of, is she?” When Rarity responded by lowering his eyes to the ground, he sighed. “Do you really think she’s ready for a school like that?”

And then Rarity was a stallion

P.S. Does this take place in the Groundhog Day parody universe


:yay:  I Look forward to more. :rainbowkiss:

I love this story. :twilightsmile::heart: I need MOOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR.


Thunderlane's not an OC. He's a ponyville pegasus.

Looks good so far. Tracked.

Where is the rest of it :twilightangry2:?

we want more :pinkiecrazy:


Hush you, I'll finish the next chapter by tomorrow, but then I have to send it to two reviewers, one of which is online like three times per week. :twilightblush:

>>1721052 Well, you can always send it to me :raritywink:

I am the only one in this site named "Critic" after all :moustache:


B-But you're scary with all of your accurate and biting criticism! :fluttershbad:


To that I quote:

"The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism"

-Norman Vincent Peale :moustache:

"In criticism I will be bold, and as sternly, absolutely just with friend and foe. From this purpose nothing shall turn me"

-Edgar Allan Poe :eeyup:

>>1721127 In ch.2 shouldn't it be: "bus for what ?" or "bus to where?" rather than " bus to what?" :applejackunsure: Probably just a mater of opinion :unsuresweetie:

As a pianist, I approve of this powerful music.

Am I dreaming or this is the first fic I read that Diamond Tiara and a CMC are helping each other?

Can't wait for Scoots and Applebloom' reactions!

Iron Will doesn’t care about your disappointment; you need to schedule an appointment!

Pure gold. :rainbowlaugh: I'll be sorely tempted to use that the next time a customer calls to whine at me.

OH MAN A NEW CHAPTER !!! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Oh wait, I was one of the pre-readers/editors for it :pinkiesad2:

Oh well, better read it again just for fun :pinkiesmile:

It must be awesome to write this!

Once again, an fantastic chapter!:pinkiehappy:

Iron Will doesn’t care about your disappointment; you need to schedule an appointment!

That may be the best Iron Will line ever.

Sweetie Belle & Diamond Tiara friendship (or friendly rivalry, maybe), Rarity & Blueblood, this story is full of criminally underused pairings. I love it!

love the song used for the attack. Clever, using Nine Inch Nails in an attack with spikes. :moustache:


Because the artists are unoriginal

Because it's the only way for them to hold it up and support themselves on two legs...I guess?


I will be blatantly stealing the first picture's idea of using magic to hold the weapon, and will not apologize for it. That is all.


No no, it's not stealing, it's re appropriating. Totally legal.

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