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Spiral really has no idea what they're doing and they hope you like what you're reading.


This story is a sequel to Mischmasch

Disclaimer: Do you see a crossover tag up there? No. This has nothing to do with the James Bond character.


With unforeseen circumstances and higher powers at play, Oddjob awakens from his long due nap. His eyes fall upon Equestria, only to find that he's been asleep for almost a decade. With a ragtag group of friends new and old, he is assigned to investigate mysterious going-ons across Equestria, granting him a chance to see the land he's so longingly loved. And heck, maybe he'll learn a lesson or two about friendship along the way?


Rated T for some fighting, cursing and the like.

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I dare say, starting a fic with tags such as 'random' and 'comedy' with slaughter and mind control is intriguing.:rainbowderp::rainbowhuh:
Derp, reading more!:derpytongue2:

I do hope it's just post petrification identity disorder... and that it will go away fast.
Well... he was trapped in stone and aware for a decade...

Gotta wait, I suppose.
Welp, have a fave and a like! A bit early but I think you've earned it with Mischmasch!

Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

2467179Or maybe, denial that the prequel actually happened and that he is still human.

Ah, yes... wait... but he was a brony, mister! And he called them horses!
WHAT IS THIS HERESY!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage:

That staff belongs in the hands of a fire mage!

Oddjob forgot everything over ten years but he kept his sanity? This is madness.

Yes! It's already here! :yay:

You've set up a pretty interesting premise, I'm curious to see how Equestria has changed in these ten years. And I see you've incorporated the events of Season 3, I like that! :pinkiehappy: Opens the possibility for a reunion between reformed Discord and Oddjob. That would be a pretty awkward situation :rainbowlaugh:

Sounds like he thinks himself the good guy, but he's really that which he hates most, a slaver. Reminds me of RAUL MENENDEZ!


I decided to do a timeskip to write Equestria the way I wished yet trying to retain what it had before, allowed for more open world building and such. And yes, Discord and Oddjob will have a couple of chats together over the course of the story.

I'm already completely into this, with both the introduction of whatever is going on with the changelings, and the reintroduction of the characters and setting from Mischmasch. The story's been opened perfectly, and I can not wait for more.

And when Discord was mentioned I was immediately curious and anxious to see if and how his reformed self will play into this story.

Featured with only 16 likes? Ok, now I've seen everything.

Wth, this isn't a 007 crossover at all.

Wait.. is this adventure or slice-of-life? It can't really be both. Those genres are rather disparate by definition.

*read prologue* Well, at least I understand the comedy tag now. Hee hee, dead changelings are funny. :pinkiecrazy:

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

My first thought upon seeing the title.


Wait, this isn't about the henchman from Goldfinger? Fine, I guess I'll just take my business elsewhere!

All I remember about Oddjob's appearance is his kangaroo leg.

Waaait a second. They KNEW he was the one who fought Discord? Saved Equestria? And knowing that he did nothing wrong they still decided to leave him in stone for TEN YEARS? And they expect him to be a "friend" and help them when they let him out? Goddamnit Twilight, I know you can be a ditz sometimes but this is a new low. Personally I can't see Oddjob willingly helping Twilight after this, especially if he finds out about them leaving him there. How does she expect him to view her actions except as willful negligence? Saving the world is one thing, but being friends? Twilight better be prepared to EARN that by paying out the tail, because leaving him there was just plain cruel.

tl;dr Twilight being Twilight has led to a colossal f@#k-up

Looking forward to the next chapter!


They also released discord and cured him by then too.

The Gore tag is misleading unless you have descriptions of blood and guts spilling.

And in a sudden burst of panic he punches her in the face!
Because of amnesia.

Oh I can't wait for his reaction to Alicorn Twilight


That just makes it EVEN WORSE! When he finds out about that he's going to be LIVID, and with good reason. They let the embodiment of chaos who threatened to reduce Equestria to madness go free, but not the one instrumental in stopping him? And the worst part about it is WHY they kept him imprisoned. They kept someone they KNEW was innocent imprisoned not out of caution or because they thought he was dangerous, but because they wanted to use him.

So much for the Magic of Friendship.

lol you had me confused there for a sec. i thought it was oddjob from 007... oh well still read it and it was definatly interesting

As he was petrified for ten years the Brony died slowly within him:pinkiegasp:!


What have I started?
Why did I hit the play button?
OH GOD! :fluttershbad:

lol when i got to this story, the song Memory Lane started up from my playlist

2492075 Yes, YES! And when gotham is but ashes, you will have my permission to stop watching...

More i need more! When will the next chapter be out good sir?:moustache:

Godammit, nothing is ever simple

More work for Oddjob, he has to save the world from the Emergence of the Locust Horde and the infection of the Lambent parasites.

Huh. I was expecting more outrage from Oddjob. Or at least SOMETHING. If he's still reeling from the shock I can understand, but this resigned acceptance just doesn't seem in character for him.

2498847 It will hit eventually. Just give him time. Though I honestly have no idea as well so I hope he just blows something up or learns magic or something awesome.

Heh! No "Can I get one?" from the jaberwock? But nice little interlude.

I want an Oddjob plushie.

Wait a second... if they sold merchanside of him, does that mean that Oddjob has fans? :rainbowderp: Because it would be pretty funny if ponies stopped him on the street to ask for an autograph :rainbowlaugh:

Nice touch mentioning the Twilicorn incident :rainbowlaugh: It's also nice that you've introduced the seaponies. I want to meet them too.

Definitely still shocked. You try waking up from a decade-long nap and be told you're in another world.

I can't wait for him to hear that Discord is out and about. He'll probably charge at him without second thoughts.

Princess Luna, all-around best pony, had given me a somewhat version of a cutie mark. Nothing else that happens today could top this.

Nothing is right. :rainbowkiss:

". . . You're going to put a tattoo on the side of my butt?" God fucking dammit. Might as well glue my mouth shut.

The only way this could have been made better is if she had replied, "No. I'm going to take a piece of paper and staple it to your butt with magic. Saves me time and magic."


Nothing except a rave party at midnight with Princess Luna. That would be interesting...


I have found what it would look like:

Still waiting for when things go careening off the rails. With Oddjob, it's bound to happen soon. Putting tje diarchy's heraldry on his armor is pretty damn presumptuos of them, though. I doubt he's going to be content as a glorified lapdog.

Oddjob badassery is coming at him in hugh amounts!

"What is this, an RPG where I go on fetch quests and shit?"

But of course, Oddjob! You've been in stone for ten years, you need these little quests to gain experience points and level up before going against the bad guys.

I'm such a nerd... :facehoof:

Things are definitely going to go astray soon, and wearing the royal emblem is going to be a bit of a bother for that...

He's gonna need it for the bigger bosses ahead.

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