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Recently back from the dead; I conquered all of Hell.

Under construction (Bio)

I once fell off a three story building and basically crippled myself. Greatest day of my life!

(Note: I actually did; can't run anymore due to my leg not healing properly and some days I'm limping more than Gregory House)

Important (and so very, very boring) information
I was formerly known as Ghostwriter95. I hated that name.
I'm in college full time and aiming to go to Medical School so I can do surgery and give haircuts become a M.D. of Oncology (the study of cancer)
I am the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
I secretely love Liam Neeson
I've got the metabolism of a god (seriously, I've eaten two whole pizzas in one day before and lost weight)
I can type nearly 100 words per second with little error, but I produce stories slowly because I often delete stuff

Noticeable stories
Revelations: The Dark Void (And it's sequel, though I admittedly butchered that as my interest in writing declined)
Princess Celestia Reads the Newspaper
Falling Embers
and finally...
Hell's Kitchen: Equestria Gets Burned (Collab with RainbowBob)

The rest of this module is currently under construction by magical pixie fairies who really hate tall people

Updates, what are you doing?!

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You're welcome! My pleasure! :twilightsmile:

1953679 Thank YOU for the laugh!

Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

You followed me first.

Now you're gone. :fluttercry:

I'm surprised I caught up to you in followers... whoa...

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