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Ignore the tags and characters; I just needed placeholders. Each 'chapter' will have different characters and their own unique tags.

Full Description (TL:DR down below): The Dream Series is a project that I started due to not having the time to write a constantly updated story (I'm a full time college student aiming for medical school). Basically, it all takes place in the canon MLP universe, but with characters that I flesh out to feel much more connectable. As the show is updated, the stories that I post, when I post them, will reflect the most recent episode. Indeed, some may even take place during episodes. There are two parts to this series: the 'waking' world in which all the dreams take place in, and the 'dream' world.

Waking World
This is basically the world we all know and love; it's where the show takes place. I try to be as canon friendly as I can and make sure to try and avoid contradictions. All characters have enhanced personalities that I feel fit their portrayal in the show. This is the slower part of this series; we will get glances at this world in each 'chapter'. If you're looking for a long, convoluted story (one of which you may have to think about), this is where you want to look. The 'dream' and 'waking' worlds are clearly separated in each 'chapter' The overall 'waking' story is rated T, but will only explore themes that work with the show. IE. NO CLOP

Dream World
This is where most of the content is located. Basically, I have an entire year plus some of stories I've wanted to write, but didn't want to just release as a short story that may or may not get noticed. So, I devised this "Dream Series" to catalog all of them, while also being able to give a larger story. These 'dreams' are all entirely unique and have nothing to do with one another. They are just stories within a story. As such, they will all have their own unique tones and will touch on many topics. Each 'chapter' is labeled with its own content rating and tags, so that some stories can be skipped if they are either offensive to the reader or outside their interest zone. I understand that not everybody likes everything. Also, in case you're here for the larger story (I really do promise it will be involving and have thinking behind it), the 'dream' is clearly separated from the 'waking' part of the text, so you can read that no problem.

Well, if you made it through that assault of text that I dare to call a description (Fallout: Equestria is shorter I’m kidding; don't hurt me ), then you are ready to start reading. I really appreciate any and all feedback, and I promise to update this thing as much as I possibly can, considering my schedule.

Please enjoy: "The Dream Series"!

TL:DR: A collection of ever expanding short stories that all take place in the 'dreams' of ponies, that are all framed in the same 'waking' universe that is based on the current canon of the show. As episodes are released, the 'waking' world will reflect to show it, and some events may even take place during episodes. Once complete (No idea how long this will go on), all the stories will connect to form a larger story.

PS: Yes, I made the cover art. Took me five minutes; don't laugh. Also, it isn't completely random; it's important.

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It's been nine long months since Applejack had conceived her baby. The day had finally come where she could give birth and bring a new life into the world. It's a time of celebration for all her friends and family.

However, she is not as quick to join in the celebrations. A nagging feeling dwells within her that things won't go as planned. Memories of her mother passing during giving birth to Apple Bloom plague her mind and she can't help but feel that she won't survive the birth. It's a gut feeling. And her gut feelings are never wrong.

At peace with her possible passing, she allows herself to be transported to the hospital to experience the miracle of life... and death.

Sorry that there is no cover art, but I couldn't find anything suitable, plus I was too lazy to make one of my own. If anyone has seen anything, post it in the comments or PM me and I'll gladly place your name in the description as thanks!

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The smell of coffee and a nicely folded newspaper is all that Celestia wants in the beautiful morning after she raises the sun. For as long as she could remember, that has been the same routine and she would have it no other way.

However, she forgot about one thing: Discord. While reformed, that doesn't mean he doesn't cause some chaos. When Discord comes between her and her paper... Oh, the chaos.

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"I just want the nightmare to end..."

When one closes their eyes, drifts off to sleep, the mind works mysteriously. Dreams come forth, they bring us strange readings on how we are doing in our lives, even when they are not easily readable. But always, when the time to wake comes, the dream fades and is often never seen again.

But then there are nightmares... our subconsciousness trying to tell us something we don't know. They often terrify us... because we are afraid of the truth behind it. But just like the dream, they eventually fade... but not for Scootaloo. For her, each night, she is visited by the same exact nightmare.

Lost and scared in her own dreams, she begins to give up, to slip into depression. After all, no one pony can suffer too much trauma brought upon by their own brain. But one night, during the dream... she realizes that something else is there, floating in her subconscious.

And she feels that soon, the nightmare will end.

Foreword: This story is based upon my own personal experiences after finding my father nearly died from attempted suicide for about a month. Everything in the story is a metaphor to my own life, everything from the shack in the middle of nowhere (my loneliness) to the cliff (the escape).

Mainly, this was written as per request by my therapist, who said I should write a metaphoric story about those times in a way that makes me happy. So naturally, I chose ponies. And who better than Scootaloo, who, in my fanon, lives like I do?

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Celestia and Luna had been fighting the war against Discord and his disharmony for a long time, and they finally have their chance to take him down for good. Or at least to the best of their abilities. But as Discord is, he isn't ready to give up yet and he has one last plan in his hands.

A meeting between the current leader and the future ruler ensues and Discord reveals his plans, as well as his newest spell. A spell so powerful, that it has a chance of changing the events of thousands of years to come... and to even keep him from being locked away as the sisters intend.

And all he needs to do is get Celestia alone.

Special thanks to Noble Night, Merc the Jerk, Mrluigifan102, and Skeeter The Lurker for their amazing editorial help! Go and give them many hugs and whatever it is you do to awesome people. (If I missed anyone, just let me know and Ill add you in.)

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After being banished from Equestria following her failed attempt to overtake Canterlot, and eventually Equestria, Chrysalis was thrown far away into the southern lands of Equestria, a dark, bleak place with no living souls about. As she lay on the ground, willing to let her meager existence come to an end, green embers, the faded lives of her changelings, begin to fall from the air. One in particular falls where her eyes rest, and something inside of her stirs. As she stares at the fading ember, she thinks to the failed attempt, to the love that overpowered her.

In her chest, a feeling she hadn't had the ability to feel before comes forth, bringing a sense of euphoria to her. As a smile comes over her face, she thinks two simple words.

"Love...? Ridiculous..."

Cover Art by Hussii on Deviantart. Show him some love, people!

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It had been the perfect life for Twilight.

100 years of living happy, living in a paradise from the moment she was crowned a Princess. Over the course of her life, she'd never regretted anything she'd done, because she had been with friends the entire time. And today was her 100th birthday, 80 years since she had became a Princess.

So on the day of her birthday, she begins to remember some of the happy points in her life; the ponies that she once knew that are no longer of the world. And even though she is saddened by their passing, she knows that she will soon be with them.

Because it's the final hours of her life.

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A Collab with RainbowBob, the genius brain that brought you Hades is Such a Great Neighbor and Seriously?

Gordon Ramsay, head of the Hell's Kitchen tournament grows tired of working with humans that are the same every year. The drama of men pitted against women has just grown overly tiring, so he has an idea...

With the help of Celestia and Luna, he brings the show to Equestria for the 11th season! 18 ponies, all of which have different levels of cooking. All have a will to win the ultimate prize: Hell's Kitchen and 250,000 bits. Friends turn against each other as the heat of the kitchen causes heat amongst their friendships.

The team that wins each round is judged by the happiness of the diners, the overall skill that they show in the kitchen, and for the first time, each service will have three judges. Celestia, Luna, and Discord!

Will their friendships collapse? Will Gordon Ramsay find the power of friendship? Will Derpy ruin everything? Will Discord turn the entire restaurant upside down?

But most of all... Who will win?

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This story is a sequel to Revelations: The Dark Void

Five long years ago, according to Twilight's math, she entered a plane called the Dark Void, a place meant only for the deceased. Each day, she scoured through the multiple books of her dream library, trying her hardest to find anything related to this realm of existence.

Sadly, none of her books have any mention of the place, so she begins to feel that escape is ultimately impossible. Accepting that she is stuck there, she goes to sleep and attempts to dream herself away from this world that she put herself in. For days on end she just sleeps her days away, hoping that one of her dreams will allow her to be free from this realm.

Only some of the dreams show a hint of sunlight; brilliance from somewhere out in the Dark Void.

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After a miserably failed spell and failed attempts to fix it, Twilight gets a visit from a less than pleased Princess. Having failed her test, she gives the Princess no choice but to not only deny her the chance to become a princess, she also takes something away from Twilight and gives her destiny to somepony more deserving.


Written as a counter to all the Alicorn Twilight fics! Don't get me wrong, I'm completely fine with Alicorn Twilight!

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