• Published 19th Apr 2013
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Remembering In Paradise - GhostofSandwich

Twilight recalls her life on the final day of her life. The happy times and the passing of her friends.

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Remembering In Paradise

Twilight's eyes opened slowly, the vision of the familiar ceiling of her library tree house registering through her retinas. An extended yawn escaped from her body as she stood from the bed. Her eyes locked onto her mirror as she made her way past, a reflection of her held within.

She had aged considerably, and understandably, in the past eighty years. She had only been twenty when she was inaugurated as the newest Princess of Equestria, and today was her 100th birthday. But she didn't expect a party, only a small visit from Celestia and Luna.

And she was alright. Her faded violet eyes staring back at her, a gray mane in the same style as she'd always worn it in falling down right above her eyes. Even though her mane and tail had long since lost its color, she had till kept the highlights in her hair. She had no problem with gray hair, but she just wanted to be different. And not just because he had wings and a horn.

She rubbed a hoof over her eyes, trying to clear away the blurriness that had taken her sight over. As she did, the excess skin, wrinkles moved along with her hoof. It wasn't as many wrinkles as most old ponies would have, since she had always been one to take care of her skin and coat. But even through all her efforts, even she couldn't stop the effects of aging.

Content with her appearance, she descended the stairs; looking over the vast amount of pictures she had hung the length of the stairway. Almost all of them were pictures of Spike, from the day he was hatched all the way to the day he left, a nearly full grown dragon. That was over thirty years ago, what seemed like a lifetime to the tired mare. Each time she had went down those stairs; she could vividly remember the day each photo was taken.

Finally at the bottom of the stairs, she made her way to the chair in her living room. That's what she had done every day for the past year. She'd wake up and come downstairs and just read. She'd read every book in the library five times at least, but they never grew old to her. It was just a chance to relive it once more, and she always did. When she would read through a book, the world around her would be forgotten, the memory of the very day she first read it taking over. But she always knew that when she looked up, the paradise she lived in would still be waiting for her.

She sighed as she settled into her chair, the very same one her brother and Cadence had got her three years prior. That was right before the two had passed happily in their sleep, their hooves wrapped around one another, their love eternal. The term til' death do us part had no meaning to the two, because they would always be together for all eternity. In the end, Twilight was sure that Cadence never once regretted taking the choice of not being immortal, the same choice Twilight had made all those years ago.

She laid her head back and began to breathe deeply, just taking in the air of the world. The previous night, she had nearly passed on three occasions, each time barely managing to survive only because of her strong will. She wanted to experience one more day, her final birthday alongside her long time mentor and friend. After that, she knew she could pass with no regrets. She could leave the paradise of a world she lived in and be with her friends and family once more.

Her mind drifted to the day she had become an Alicorn, to that spell she created. She constantly wondered how different things would be if she had not solved that spell, how she had messed up her friends marks. And that blinding white light that had come from the Elements, sending her to that magical place of her memories and feats. Sometimes even she couldn't believe any of it, even though she had witnessed it and even emerged a Princess from it.

She snapped herself back into reality as a loud knock on the door erupted into the room, forcing Twilight free of her memories. One more, she had just nearly slipped away, to the place her friends were waiting for her. As she stood, she faintly remembered hearing a familiar voice call her name right before the knock, a voice she hadn't heard in two years. But she pushed it aside and yelled for the guest to come in.

Her eyes lit up as Celestia and Luna stepped inside, their faces bright with smiles. But she knew that Celestia was far from happy. Celestia knew that soon, but did know when, that Twilight wouldn't be there anymore. The student she raised and taught for so long would no longer be beside her. And she would still be alive, the same as when she first met Twilight as a filly.

"Happy 100th birthday, Twilight," Celestia said with a smile. "We would have brought you something, but we were kind of in a hurry."

"Oh, that's alright. I haven't needed or wanted for anything in a long time," Twilight replied, settling further into her chair.

"I still feel a bit bad for not bringing anything."

"Don't worry about it. Just showing up to see little old me is good enough for me," Twilight pointed out, yawning once more.

"Do you mind if I borrow a couple of these books about the constellations?" Luna asked, hovering three books about the most recent popular constellations in front of her.

"Go ahead and keep them," Twilight responded. "I won't need them much longer."

"Twilight..." Celestia's smile turned to a light frown as she was reminded that her student was still but a mortal. "You shouldn't think like that."

"There's no point in lying to myself. I've lived a full life and I'm happy with the way it all turned out. I'd rather accept it than lie to myself."

"Please, Twilight. It's still not too late for the spell. I can even probably find a spell to help restore your youth!" Celestia pleaded, selfishly always wanting to have Twilight by her side.

"I've told you every year, I don't want to be immortal. I know you want me to always be here, but I don't want to live century by century, watching everything I love fade away. Can't you see that this is what I want?" Twilight asked, slowly standing from the chair and walking towards Celestia and slightly wobbly legs. "I've always done everything to make you happy. Please, let me make one final choice for myself." Twilight looked up at Celestia, who returned the favor.

"Okay, Twilight..." Luna stood by as the two hugged, an embrace they hadn't done in some time. Fifteen years to be in fact, a long time for both of them. And even though Luna was never entirely close to Twilight, she too joined in on the hug, a large reunion of the final three Alicorns.

"Luna, Celestia... could you two help me to my chair? I'm feeling a bit weak."

"Of course," the sisters replied in unison, supporting Twilight as she made her way back to her chair.

"Thank you," she whispered, leaning back in her chair. "Just let me close my eyes for a moment, would you?" Celestia and Luna both nodded to the old mare. "Thank you," she said, weaker still than she had said it a moment ago.

The two sisters looked at each other with sadness in their eyes. To them, she was simply sitting back in her chair. But to Twilight, she was lying on the beach about a week after becoming a Princess.

"Twilight!" Twilight opened her eyes as the voice of Rainbow Dash called out to her. She looked around for a moment, before finally settling seeing her flying up in the air. "Let's do a double dive! Come on, we can both get some serious speed together!"

"Alright!" Twilight stood and stretched her legs and wings before flying up next to Rainbow. "Mind if I try something?"

"Go ahead," Rainbow replied, a smile on her face.

"Okay, let's get up really, really high."

"Uhm, that doesn't sound like a really good idea. I mean, I'll be fine. But you're not exactly Wonderbolt material yet."

"You calling me a bad flier?" Twilight asked, a frown on her face.

"No, no! I mean, uh... You're just not... forget it, let's do this!" Rainbow said, barely finishing her sentence as shot into the sky. Twilight laughed and quickly chased after her, falling only slightly behind. Once they were at a reasonably altitude, Twilight told Rainbow to stop and looked down at the deep section of the water under them.

"Okay, think you're up for a Sonic Rainboom?"

"Does Fluttershy love animals? Yes I am! But what are you going to do?"

"Just start flying as fast as you can. I'll be right behind you!"

"Alright. Don't hurt yourself!" Rainbow looked down and took a deep breath, then took off. Twilight followed almost immediately afterwards, staying right behind Rainbow. From all the times she had watched Rainbow, she had learned how she flew, studied her until she was sure she could fly as good as she could.

She found herself on the same level as Rainbow, both going the exact same speed. As they neared the ground, the wind began to ass extreme pressure to them, threatening to push them off course. But both continued onwards, neither wanting to get knocked astray.

As they began to near the ground, Twilight’s horn began to light up as she yelled, “Get ready!” Rainbow, who had barely heard her, did as asked. She wanted to ask what for, but knew that she’d get no understandable response.

The two began to near the ground at extremely fast levels, the air around them bending noticeably as they continued their descent. Both thought that the air would soon knock them away, but Twilight still had her plan.

Within the blink of an eye, Twilight magic bursted from her horn and the duo were surrounded in a force field that traveled with the two. The air bounded off of it, but they still maintained the exact speed they were going. But she wasn’t done yet. Before Rainbow could even attempt to protest, she felt herself going faster than she had ever gone, the two matching in speed as Twilight propelled the force field faster and faster.

Finally, as they were just 100 yards from the ground, they felt the wind shatter around them, the sound barrier itself being broken through as a large rainbow explosion with a purple hue exploded from around them. Everypony on the ground marveled at the spectacle, caused by their very own newly inaugurated Princess and Rainbow Dash.

The two were congratulated as they landed, the entire town appearing around where they had landed. It was Twilight’s first Sonic Rainboom and she had only had her wings for a week. Of course, while she was a bit envious of her friend, Rainbow was surprised and happy that Twilight was able to pull it off.

“That was awesome, Twi!” Rainbow yelled as she tackled the Princess in a hug. Twilight quickly returned the embrace as all her friends joined in as well, a group hug between only the best of friends.

“Twilight! Twilight!” The crowd cheered, chanting it over and over again. But it began to sound surrealistic, almost as if it was coming from further and further away.



“Twilight!” Twilight shot her eyes open at the sound of Celestia’s voice, realizing she was in her chair.

“Celestia? Oh, sorry. I must have dozed off.”

“Do you want us to leave so you can get some sleep?” Luna asked, looking at Twilight with concern on her face.

“No, just a bit drowsy from just waking up is all. Did you find the books you were looking for?”

“Yes, even though I've read them all, it’ll give me something to do when I can’t actually see the stars,” Luna replied, levitating a stack of books to show Twilight.

“Like I said, you can go ahead and keep them.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh, Twilight,” Celestia interrupted.

“Yes, Princess?”

“I forgot to mention… I got a letter from Spike last night.” Twilight nearly jumped out of her chair when the news registered in her brain.

“Really?! What’d it say?” Twilight exclaimed, her energy returning to near levels of her youth.

“He’s doing great. Despite him being a dragon, you raised him so well that he lives on the outskirts of a farm up to the north. He helps by carrying the heavier stuff for the couple up there and in return, they give him gems that are inside of a nearby mine to him,” Celestia explained with a smile.

“If you can, send him a letter saying I’m proud of him. I’d do it, but I can barely cast a levitation spell anymore.”

“I’ll do it as soon as we get back.”

“Thank you. I hate to ask, but could you get me a glass of water?”

“Yes, I will.” Twilight slowly blinked as Celestia departed to the kitchen, her eyes growing heavy once more as she yawned. Before she knew it, she was standing in the shadow of a purple and green dragon, right outside the town of Ponyville.

Twilight stood before Spike, a now nearly fully grown dragon. The town of Ponyville had welcomed him to stay, but he decided to fly north and see what else was in store for a dragon. Thanks to him being well known as the assistant to Princess Sparkle, he wouldn't be bothered by anypony.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be back…” Spike said, his voice now deep and able to rumble the very earth should he yell. But he mostly spoke softly, so that was never a problem.

“I know,” Twilight said, her graying mane with the highlights flowing in the wind. Her face was slightly wrinkled, mostly around her eyes, showing her age. But when she smiled, it was like looking at the face of a young mare that enjoyed life beyond anything else. “But I’ll be fine… and I know you will be too.”

“I already said goodbye to everypony else, so I guess I’m able to go…” He looked down at the ground, then at the town of Ponyville. The place he had called home for almost seventy years. Memories of his and Twilight’s time together began to force itself to the front of his mind. Wanting to focus on what was going on, he pushed those memories back.

“You’ve been the best assistant any pony could ask for, “Twilight said, a smile still on her face. “It’s been the best 62 years of my life. But I’ve kept you around for long enough. It’s time for you to go and live for yourself.”

“Thank you for always being there,” Spike gratefully whispered, which came out more of a low growl than anything.

“As much as I want to keep you here forever, I know you’ve got some place to be. So go, go and live. Never forget me. Because I’ll never forget you.” Tears began to freely fall from Twilight’s eyes as Spike nodded. Even though she was saddened, she couldn’t help but smile as Spike began to walk away.

“Goodbye… Twilight.” Spike reached down with his head and nuzzled against Twilight, who hugged as much of his snout as she could. “I’ll never forget you. I promise.”

As Spike began to walk away, so he’d maintain a safe distance from the town to take off, Twilight yelled out, “Spike!” He turned around upon hearing his name, looking down at the mare who was now about to break down crying. And she still had a smile on her face. “Take a letter… I love you.”

“I love you too… Twi,” Spike replied, tears threatening to come from his own eyes. Twilight watched through watery eyes, blurred but still recognizing the large dragon as he began to fly away. She watched as he got further and further, eventually becoming nothing but a small dot in the sky. “Goodbye… Spike,” she said, wiping the tears away from her eyes. She continued to sit there until her friends all began to surround around her.

None said anything, because all knew that it was the perfect goodbye for her. She had lost an assistant, a friend, but he had in return finally started his life. And that’s all she had ever wanted for the dragon. Because he was family, just like the friends that surrounded her.

“Twilight, let’s get you home.”

“Yeah, Twilight.”

“Twilight?” The purple mare yawned as she found herself once again waking to the sight of Celestia, this time sporting a glass of water.

“Did I fall asleep again? Sorry, I’m just so tired,” she apologized, taking a sip of the water. She weakly levitated the water to her table, sitting it neatly on a coaster.

“It’s okay, my faithful student,” Celestia said, smiling as she called Twilight by something she’d not called her for fifty years.

“Faithful student? I haven’t heard that in a long time…” Twilight chuckled as she looked over to the table, where a picture of the friends sat. This one was taken just three years prior, about three weeks before the first of Twilight’s friends, Pinkie Pie, passed peacefully away. It saddened her to think about it, but she knew that it was better to remember such things than forget.

“How have things been going in Canterlot?” Twilight asked, levitating the water once more to her mouth.

“Better than usual. With the help of Discord, we've made it an utter utopia. He insists that we put a chocolate fountain in the town center, but we keep refusing him.”

“I say let him have it.”

“What? Why would I let him put a chocolate fountain in?”

“He’s been helping yo- us, for so long. Let him have something. I know you to don’t exactly get along, but try and be friends with him,” Twilight explained, trying to help Celestia make at least one friend she’d never outlive. Even if it was Discord.

“I suppose one fountain couldn’t hurt…” Everypony turned as a knock emanated from the door. Luna looked at Twilight, who nodded, indicating that she may open it. She did as asked, revealing a middle aged mare with a white coat and a violet mane and tail.

“Hey, Grandma!” Twilight smiled as her granddaughter walked in, a filly with a blue coat and purple mane in tow. “We managed to make time to come out.” The mare looked at the filly and said, “Go on, say hi to Grandma!”

“Hi great-grandma!” The filly yelled, climbing up next to Twilight in the chair. “Happy birthday!”

“Dawn, you didn’t have to come from all the way down here,” Twilight said.

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous grandma! Of course I did. Not every day you turn 100!”

“Where’s your father?”

“He had to stay back to take care of mom. She’s been sick, but he told me to say happy birthday.”

“Grandpa says she’ll be fine!” the filly happily exclaimed.

“Well, he is my son, the doctor…” Twilight looked down at her great granddaughter, who was still a blank flank. She smiled to herself as she remembered a trio of fillies who constantly caused mayhem, always indirectly. The three were still living and happy, but they had moved all the way out to the Crystal Empire.

“Hold on, I have something for you!” Twilight said to the small filly, who was excited to say the least at the mentioning of a present.

Twilight stood from her chair and made her way up the stairs to her room. Everypony had tried to help her up the stairs, but she was feeling much more energized than before. Once upstairs, she neared her bed and pulled a small box from underneath the bed. She opened the box, revealing a plethora of trinkets, memorables from her friends.

Right in the center was the Elements of Harmony. She knew that when she passed, a new generation of Elements would be chosen. She also knew that the Element of Magic would be of her own blood line. She sifted through the box of memories as she searched for what she was looking for. She continued to have memories fill her head as she touched each item, happy and sad. She gasped as she came upon a picture of her and her friends happily hugging, from back when Twilight was but a normal unicorn. The picture was faded, but she could still make out the faces of her friends.

She still couldn’t believe they had all passed within two years of each other, Applejack being the last a month before Twilight’s 99th birthday. She felt no emotion as she replayed the passing of each of her friends in her head over and over. The first was Pinkie, who passed away in her sleep. When they had found her the next morning, after her final party, which had been to celebrate her son’s birthday, they had found her, a smile on her face.

Twilight still remembered the day they found her vividly.

“Pinkie?” Twilight called, her voice still strong for someone her age. She entered the home with her friends in tow, immediately noticing that the living room still had not been cleaned from the previous night’s party. This worried them, since, even at her age, she always managed to clean up before going to bed.

“Maybe she just went to bed early. Even if she is still a ball of energy, she isn't young anymore,” Rainbow explained. Of all the friends, she had aged the second to least, right after Rarity and before Twilight. Her mane and tail was still a rainbow of colors, albeit faded. Her skin had wrinkles, but they were still less noticeably than her other friends’, bar Rarity.

“You’re probably right, darling,” Rarity seconded. Rarity still looked as if she was only fifty, due to going to the spa every two days. What little wrinkles she had, were focused around her eyes, but those were covered with light makeup. Even her mane retained the purple, only the slightest bit faded at the roots.

“Well, what are y’all waiting for? We’re not getting any younger!” Applejack rushed. Of all them, she had aged the worst. In appearance, she was almost equal to her Granny Smith. Even personality wise she was like her good old granny, half the time forgetting where she was. The only thing different was that she still had a bit of color in her mane.

Twilight nodded to Applejack and made her way upstairs. They stopped outside her bedroom and knocked loudly, hoping to wake the party pony up. When there was no response, the friends opened the door and entered, seeing a sight they never thought they’d see.

“Pinkie?!” The five yelled in unison. The pony in question was lying on her back with a smile on her face, not moving even the slightest inch. Both eyes were closed, but they knew that she was no longer of the world.

“Is she…” Fluttershy squeaked. She had aged fairly normally. Her mane was mostly gray, but she didn’t have the most wrinkles ever seen on an older pony. They were only really noticeably when she smiled, which was a lot of time. Twilight stepped forward and felt the pony, sighing.

“I’m afraid so.” The five simply stood and stared at the body of their once full of life friend. They all wanted to be sad, but even in death, Pinkie still managed to keep them happy. They knew that she would never want them to mourn over her. “Come on, girls. Let’s go to the hospital and tell them the news.”

The five friends said their goodbyes as they exited the room, the laughter of their dear friend playing in their heads. None wanted to believe that they would never hear her laugh again, but they all knew it was true. Twilight was the last to leave, saying her goodbye. As she exited the room, she looked back at her friend one last time, before closing the door behind her.

“Pinkie… Been too long since I heard you laugh.” Twilight reached down in the box, pulling out Pinkie’s recipe book, her only copy that she had given Twilight the night before her passing. A single tear fell from her eye and landed on the cover as she placed it back in the box.

Her eyes locked onto another trinket that she had received almost seven months later, the day that Rarity has passed. She had passed not in her sleep, but doing something she loved. Making dresses. It was her granddaughter’s wedding dress, which she had finished right before passing away. They had found her in her chair, the dress freshly finished, the needle still hanging by the last remaining thread.

“Rarity!” Twilight yelled through the door, her friend’s right behind her. “Did you forget we’re all going to the spa?” Twilight knocked on the door, opening it soon after not getting a response. The friends all entered into the living room, the only light coming from the windows and a from behind the door that lead to Rarity’s workshop. They four entered into the room, sighing as they saw Rarity’s chair turned away from them with Rarity’s hoof draped over the left arm.

“There you are, Rarity!” Rainbow exclaimed, walking over to the chair and stepping in front of it. Her smile quickly turned to a grim stare as she looked to her friends.

“What’s wrong?” Fluttershy asked, following Twilight and Applejack as they stepped forward. The four stopped in front of their still friend, who was sitting in the chair with a dress draped over her lap. Rarity was sitting absolutely still, her purple rimmed glasses still hanging by the beads around her neck. “Oh…”

The four simply stared in silence, once again finding themselves unable to cry or feel any remorse. They would be plenty of time for that at the funeral, like what they had done at Pinkie’s. But now, all they could feel was happiness for their friend. She was once more with Pinkie, the two having a party as they waited for the other four to show up.

“Looks like she finished her final project… Her granddaughter’s going to look amazing in that dress,” Applejack said.

“Not quite,” Twilight corrected, levitating the needle upwards with a gentle movement, tightening the final thread. “It’s beautiful, Rarity.” Twilight pulled the needle from the dress and held onto it. Like they did with Pinkie, they said their final goodbyes and one by one exited. Her final gift to the world was a beautiful dress, which would be passed on from her granddaughter to her daughter. In that dress, Rarity still lived on.

Twilight moved her eyes away from the needle that she had pulled from that dress. She wanted to just quit looking, but she knew she had it in there somewhere. Her hoof moved the various items around, searching for the item she sought so badly for.

She sighed as she came upon the final item of Fluttershy, the third friend of hers to pass away. Unlike her other friends, they had been with her when she passed. Twilight tried not to remember it as she stared at the memorable, but couldn’t help but think back to that day, four months after Rarity’s death.

“Thank you three for coming with me to see Angel…” Fluttershy whispered, staring down at the grave in the middle of the clearing. Even though he had passed almost 70 years previous, he had always been on Fluttershy’s mind.

“No problem, Flutters,” Rainbow said. She had never cared for Angel, but she never denied that he was important to Fluttershy.

“Take as long as you need,” said Twilight, who was standing back beside Applejack. They had come once every few months to pay their respects, out of respect for Fluttershy.

“Could you girls give me a moment alone?” Fluttershy asked. The three mares nodded to their yellow Pegasus friend and walked out of earshot to allow her to talk to the deceased bunny.

“Applejack, how have you been holding up?” Twilight asked, referring to the recent passing of Big Mac, a short month previous.

“Been doing good, I suppose. He never was the most talkative stallion, but it seems so silent at that farm without him, even with Fritter running the place. I wonder if I was this energetic when Granny Smith ran the place.”

“I’m sorry, again.”

“It’s alright, he told me shortly before... that he didn’t want to me fret over it when he was gone,” Applejack explained.

“I just noticed that you’re not wearing your hat. Decide to leave it at home?” Twilight said, staring where Applejack's stetson usually sat.

“No, I gave it to Fritter. Even though she loved it, she immediately gave it to her daughter. My mother gave me that hat and I gave it to my daughter… Now she’s giving it to her daughter.”

“How old is your granddaughter anyways?”

“She turns twenty-one in three weeks, actually.”

“They grow up so fast…” Twilight whispered, thinking to her own son, who had a daughter, who also has a six year old.

“I just hope she takes good care of that hat,” Applejack said.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure she will.”

“Twilight! Applejack!” The two quickly turned to the sound of Rainbow yelling, who they hadn’t even noticed slip away. Her voice had come from the clearing where Angle was buried. Quickly as they could, they made their way back to the clearing, where Rainbow was standing over Fluttershy.

The yellow Pegasus was lying on her stomach, with her head rested on her hooved, right in front of Angel’s grave. They wanted to believe that she was just sulking, but they knew what was wrong. Just like that, the six friends were now three. Cut in half in just a matter of a year. Rainbow was staring at the ground by Fluttershy, a look of shock on her face.

“She… She looked at me, and said, ‘They're waiting for me.’ Then she just closed her eyes and stopped moving…” Twilight and Applejack quickly took a place by Rainbow’s side and hugged her.

“It’s alright… She’s with Pinkie, Rarity and Angel now… She’s happy,” Twilight reassured as she looked at the silent yellow Pegasus. The three had a moment of silence, before saying goodbye to both Fluttershy and Angel, then made their way to the hospital to inform them of her passing.

As the three departed, Twilight looked back on Fluttershy. With a final sigh, she turned and followed her friends.

Twilight rubbed the feather that had come from Fluttershy’s wing during the prepping of her funeral. It was her final wish that one of her feathers go to each of her friends on her passing, to be released on the passing of her friends. And Twilight had done just that with four other feathers, one for Pinkie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack. And she was prepared to have Celestia release the final one when she passed.

Twilight shook her head and continued to search through the box, still hoping to wonder upon the elusive item she longed for. Finally, she managed to find the very item she was looking for. She began to pick it up, but not before seeing one more item, this one symbolizing the passing of both Rainbow and Applejack.

They had been downstairs in the library, almost two years after the passing of Pinkie, talking about the feats of their kids.

“So, Twilight, how’s your son doing?” Applejack asked, yawning as she adjusted her position on the chair.

“He’s good. Recently got a nice job at a hospital. I’m still happy that he never took advantage of me being a Princess. I could have easily arranged for anything, but just like me, he worked for it all,” Twilight answered, smiling proudly.

“That’s good," Rainbow yawned. "My son can’t fly much anymore, on account of that wing injury a month ago. But he still taught his son to fly! He told me that Dash Jr. even got close to pulling off a Sonic Rainboom. And he’s about the same age I was when I did that one in the young flier’s competition.”

“I’m just happy our kids and their grandkids have been the best of friends, just like we are,” Twilight said. “Even though we won’t be around forever, I think our descendants will always be friends with one-another.”

“I really hope so,” said Applejack.

“Best of friends, just like us… I’m happy I met you all,” Rainbow happily said, although she sounded a bit weak. “I’d never trade any of it for anything. It’s been perfect…” Rainbow smiled and closed her eyes, not moving from that position. Both Applejack and Twilight continued to stare at Rainbow, thinking that it was now just two.

“She’s gone, ain’t she?” Applejack asked, already knowing the answer.

“She’s with our friends, waiting for us,” Twilight whispered. She looked over to Applejack, who was looking back at her.

“They don’t have to wait much longer..." Applejack stared at the body of her recent friend, before turning and looking at her final remaining friend. "Twilight?”

“Yes, Applejack?”

“I want you to take this,” she said, reaching into the saddlebag she had brought with her, pulling out a small Wonderbolts pin. “She told me to keep it. She knew today was her last day and told me to protect it… But I’ve been feeling so tired today as well. I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep and drop it, so could you hold onto it?”

“Of course,” Twilight agreed levitating the Wonderbolts pin to her bedside table.

“We’ll go to the hospital in just a moment… I need to rest.” Applejack closed her eyes and leaned back. Moments later, Twilight stood from her chair and neared the front door. As she opened it, she turned back to her two friends and said, “I’ll be there soon, girls… There’s something I need to do first…”

Twilight allowed the tears to fall into the box, coating a few of the trinkets in the salty liquid. Slowly, she wiped her eyes and levitated the item she had come for from the box.

It was a small box. Inside was a single piece of paper, a spell written on it. That spell would teleport the user to a secret vault deep in Canterlot, accessible only by the spell, only two ponies owning it. Celestia and Twilight.

Inside is every friendship report Twilight and her friends ever wrote.

Twilight smiled as she remembered the first report she wrote, the first time she realized that those five mares would be her friends forever. And they were waiting for her… But she still had one more thing to do.

She descended the stairs and sat back down next to her great granddaughter.

“I want you to take this… Inside is a very powerful spell. Don’t worry; you’ll be able to cast it. With Celestia’s permission of course,” Twilight said, smiling at Celestia.

“Twilight, are you sure?” Celestia asked.

“I am.”

“Then yes, I permit you to use the spell.” Instantly, the little filly’s horn began to glow, connecting with the box with a magical aura.

“There you go… Never lose that spell; treasure it always, my little pony.”

“What is it, grandma?” Dawn asked, looking at the small box.

“Something very special to me… I would have given it to you or your father, but I had to be sure that I gave it to somepony that truly understands friendship. I've listened dearly to the stories you've told me of how well she gets along with others. Promise me, Dawn that you’ll introduce her to the kids of your dear friends, the grand kids of my friends.”

“Grandma, I-“

“Promise me, please.”

“I… I promise,” Dawn said.

“Thank you.” Twilight looked down at the filly and smiled. “And you… Use that spell when you get home. You’ll be teleported somewhere very special. You can come back any time by saying it again; you’ll be sent right back where you teleported from.”

“What’s in there?” The filly asked with wide eyes.

“Your destiny,” Twilight said, looking at Celestia and Luna.

“My destiny?”

“That’s right… Midnight.” Twilight smiled at the filly, whom was destined to follow the same path as her.

“Thank you, Twilight!” Midnight yelled, jumping up to hug the purple mare. Twilight laughed and returned the hug, feeling like she had finally fulfilled the final part of her life. Her friends were still waiting. And she was on the way.

“I’m sorry, Grandma. But it’s a long train ride back. So we have to go.”

“That’s fine, Dawn. Be safe! And Dawn… Remember.” Dawn nodded to Twilight as she exited the house, the next Element of Magic following right after.


“Yes, Twilight?”

“Thank you,” Twilight whispered.

“For what?”

“For everything. I’ve had the perfect life… and it’s because you believed in me.”

“I’ve had no part in it. You did everything… And in the end, you still care for your friends more than anything,” Celestia said, a single tear streaming down her eye. “Remember when I said I now learn from you as well; back when you became a Princess?”

“Yes” Twilight replied.

“I learned a very important lesson… That very day you refused the immortality spell and was reminded of it every time you refused me after that.”

Twilight leaned back and closed her eyes. “And that would be?”

“Friendship is Magic.”

Twilight opened her eyes and smiled, five silhouettes standing before her. “Friends forever,” she said, laughing as she embraced her friends in a group hug.

“Is she…?” Luna asked, staring at the silent mare.

“With her friends? She always has been… and always will be,” Celestia said, tear after tear dripping from her cheeks to the floor.

“Are you going to be alright?”

“I’m going to be more than alright… Today, the student became the master… She surpassed even my expectations," Celestia said, turning to her sister. "Luna, please give me a moment… go ahead and go alert the guards of her passing.”

“I’m on it. Goodbye… Twilight Sparkle,” Luna said, departing from the house through the front door. As it closed behind her, Celestia looked down at Twilight. She smiled as she looked at the student she had cared for nearly her entire life. But for the first time, she looked not at her as a student, but as an equal. She had truly became what she knew she would. And she had taught Celestia about friendship, more than she thought she would ever learn. With a sigh, tears flowing from her eyes freely, she opened her mouth.

“Dear, Princess Twilight Sparkle…”

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