• Published 19th Apr 2013
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Remembering In Paradise - GhostofSandwich

Twilight recalls her life on the final day of her life. The happy times and the passing of her friends.

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The pony stood over the grave, simply staring down at it with sadness in her heart. It was 80 years ago that she had inadvertently caused the death of the owner of that ever so cold grave. It was in the evening, during the hours of twilight. Sunlight barely covered over the earth around the pony, not enough to light the lone hill, nor enough darkness to cover the hill in shadow. It was the perfect hour, the time the pony had always come to visit the grave.

She sighed as she read the name on the grave over and over; the inscription which she and the others responsible for her untimely death had picked out. They had never meant for it to happen; she'd take it all back in a second if she could. But she and her friends had caused it and she had to live with that. Which she had done for 80 years. It was never easy, but she reminded herself constantly. Not to bring sadness to herself, but to remember. Remember the life that once was, a happy pony that loved nothing more than to live.

The pony continued to stand as a large figure took a place next to her, Celestia, the Princess staring down at the grave as well.

"It was never you or your friends faults," said Celestia.

"I know. Soon, though, I will be with them..."

"You know, tomorrow would have been her 100th birthday."

"I know... And I'll be there tomorrow for her 100th birthday, I promise. Not to you, but to myself... So that I can too rest in peace," the pony whispered, still staring at the grave.

"You should know... I never told anypony this before, but I feel it will bring you peace in your final hours. She... The day she passed on, I allowed her to live in an alternate dimension of existence. None of it was real, but she perceives it as her actual life. It's an absolute paradise, where her life is perfect and without any trouble. But on the day of her 100th birthday, she will pass away from that dimension and join you and your friends in the afterlife," Celestia explained.

"So... she's had the chance to live?"

"Yes, and tomorrow, she will pass from that existence I gave her and be allowed to be with her friends once more. only to her, she will have never been without them." The pony looked up at Celestia and smiled, happy to know that her friend had been allowed a life she had accidentally taken. The day the Elements had backfired and taken the life of their dear friend.

"Thank you... I'm sorry, Princess, but I have to lie down. I'm feeling a bit... tired."

"Of course," Celestia said, allowing the pony to walk away from her. "Goodbye... Applejack." Celestia smiled as she looked at the grave once more, content in knowing she had allowed a life to be lived, even after it had faded.

Twilight Sparkle, a Princess among mares. The best friend a pony could ask for.

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Comments ( 29 )

2451683 Sweet lord, haven't heard that in a long time!

Well...that's depressing

I'm just gonna pretend that I never read this chapter

That was so bittersweet. Haven't been this close to crying in a while now. Well done, my friend.

2452123 Add some sad music (which I did) and sit in a pitch black room with a storm outside, and it will be much more powerful. I cried a number of times while writing it.

Man, I wish I never read the epilogue. I'm just gonna pretend it's just a what if scenario. Otherwise, major copout.

Wow...well that sucks.:ajbemused: I'm going to try and forget that this epilogue even exists....

A brilliantly told story with an elegant and bittersweet twist...more of a twirl, really. :pinkiesad2:
I congratulate you.

Oh wow... I forgot this story had an epilogue, kind of a mega twist to the whole plot but still beautiful :pinkiehappy:

Holy shit, dat twist.

...I enjoyed the first chapter. I mean, not original work, but still touching and well-executed.

This twist, not so much. I don't see anything that it adds to the work other than a "LOL FOOLED YA" moment, followed by "AND NOW CRY WHILE I BLUDGEON YOU WITH RANDOM SORROW." Heavy-handed and poorly-executed, in my opinion. Would have been significantly better without the epilogue.

Comment posted by LinkAndEpona deleted Apr 20th, 2013

Spike should be listed as a character. I thought this fanfic would piss me off when I started reading it until it turned out he was actually in it.

no cry no cry no cry

I'm just gona ignore that second chapter if you don't mind.
Loved it by the way, although I feel you could have done without the twist ending.

Maybe re-name Epilogue as "Alternate Ending?"
Everyone is treating as such anyway.

Well. My heart just broke. Good job. But I'mma go ahead and forget this epiloge exists. Kay? Kay. </3

I'm gonna pertend I never read this chapter

Dang both chapters are rough... at least on these smooth skins. Honestly though good job on the fic I actually felt as if I had a heart for a moment there.:twilightsmile:

Everyone thinks the epilogue sucks.

...well, I don't. I liked it. Do I count?

I liked the Epilogue, but honestly preferred the Twilight ending more. It was a unique twist, however, the line "Dear Princess Twilight" hit much harder that your true ending. The romantic in me loves the first ending, though the realist adores the second.

Thanks for all the feedback! I'll just state that the Epilogue was the only reason I wrote this. Started out as an idea inspired by a image (This Image) that inspired me. After about the 3,000 word mark, however, the frame that was setting up for the twist became a story in it's own, which wasn't quite supposed to happen. In the end, I did't want to do the original ending I had planned, but I still had a longing to use it. So I threw the Epilogue in there and allowed people themselves to decide which ending is better to them.

2453266 :twistnerd:

2453786 I swear, computer makers put d and s together just so fast like me make that mistake!

2454495 I teetered on whether or not to add him as a character, but decided in the end that being mentioned a few times and having just one scene wasn't quite enough.

2460024 Funny how such a small line can be so powerful, isn't it?

2474021 Glad you enjoyed it, my good fellow! And don't worry, that was a sad part to write. :fluttercry:

damn it i managed not to cry reading the story itself but the epilogue? well i can hardly see for the tears damn you why do you have to so good at writing?

I would put the first chapter there.:pinkiehappy:
Im not sure WHAT to think about the epilogue though………:derpyderp1:
It just took a VERY unexpected turn lmao

Huh. I thought the epilogue was what made this something different from just another sappy sadfic. I actually like it much better now.

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