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Thx for the fav.

717039 Thanks! I will hopefully have a new chapter out in the next couple of days! :derpytongue2: Thanks for the encouragement! :twilightsmile:

706060 :pinkiegasp: I'm surprised no one else is following such and amazing author as yourself!! :facehoof:

Anyways, I LOVE you work!! Your detailing is amazeing, storyline is fluid, I :heart: IT!! :pinkiehappy:

Keep up the awesomeness! :rainbowkiss:

Wow! You are my first Watcher! Thank you!:pinkiehappy:

466211 HNNG!! You seemed to over pay by two feels. The fluttershy .gif alone counted as three feels. Here, I'll give you the change...



Now we are even... :scootangel:

  • Viewing 15 - 19 of 19
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