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Your first story was awesome! Welcome to the herd, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Just you know that I expect you awesome things to do!

Actually, just kidding, I am expecting you to do as much and as good as you want and can and maybe improve over time (if that's possible) and most importantly enjoy your stay here!

Alright, enough of the wall of text, RedScootaloo out, maybe we'll find time to chat someday :ajsmug:

I just a saw what you were doing and found I supported it fully :twilightsmile: Happy Easter.

Thank you for Following me! :pinkiehappy: I appreciate it!

Cheers, and happy Easter!

Grazie mille. And thank you for the welcome.

welcome to fimfiction!

That was a great first story

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A Peak at the Shadows

Hello, everyone. There, uh, ain't much to tell about me. I write, I read, I learn, and most importantly, I enjoy a good nap :trollestia: Seriously though. I finally decided to join this site after a few months of stories I wanted to read being featured here. It looks like a nice enough place, so I might stick around for a while, write a few stories, and maybe get to know people. See ya around.