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July 22, 2014 · 2:32am Jul 23rd, 2014

Hey! What's going on everypony! We haven't talked in a while! What's your day been like? How's the family? Hmm...

Anyway! I just wanted to talk ask you guys if your hyped for... Glah! I honestly don't know what to talk about. If you have any suggestions that you what like to be featured than do tell, and I'll give you a shout out! But until them I'm out of ideas, so there won't be very many blogs without you guys suggestions. Until next time I'm Slick Ink, and I'll be back!


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500496 Well, you'd be right there. It was indeed the one and only Rainbow Danger Dash who recomended following you.

Let me guess: Rainbow Dash?:trollestia:
Dash and I were being awesome a few days ago, and I recently blogged about her. She's returning the favor, which is really nice of Rainbow to do so. Awesome friend.:twilightsmile:

I've been found out! I was annonimously tipped off that you were somebrony to be followed.

Thank you so much for stalking me!:rainbowkiss:
Pray tell, what are your reasons for lurking after me?:twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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