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Do you enjoy messing with people who are angry? Do you like making people angry? Do you like rustling jimmies? Then look no further! This group is for people who like to rustle jimmies!

Feel free to post any story or thread you would like! There are no rules at all here; you can post damn diaper or scat porn if you're a weirdo like that. Rustling abound!

Note: Please don't add a story to folder if you consider it just a shitfic and not a fic made to annoy people. It's not funny and just insulting.

IM SRS GUISE >:(((((((((((

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I'd like to point out that my story, "The Rope in the Closet", is in this group, and I did not write it with the intent to annoy people.

300933 sorry for the late reply; sure, feel free to post any story in the folder.

I joined this group for two reasons; the first; my jimmies are eternal and the second; Can I post my story here? People's jimmies are getting all kinds of rustled because of it and you guys might get a kick out of it?

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How 'bout no? :heart:

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