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Are you tired of Knighty's fascist regime? Do you want a change? Do you care about the future of fimfiction? then this group is for you!

Join us if you believe Knighty has been corrupted by his absolute power and needs to have his despotism toppled and personal cult brought to justice in the name of all that is good. Do not believe the mods lies! Behind your back knighty is hording trolls into cyber-death camps and purging them from fimfiction. This travesty is not unique to fimfiction my friends, the mods (or more appropriately the fimfiction SS) are hacking trolls e-mails, pastebins, you name it! They will not rest until the only people left on fimfiction are Brits, and those that adhere to Knighty's fascist ideology.

So join my comrades! Join so we can make this site great again! Join so that we can overthrow Knighty's dictatorship, for a new democratic dictatorship! Join for our future!!!!!!!!!!

Co- founded by Inspectah Dash.
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Hell yes I'm here everybody don't worry ready to overthrow knightly and drink scotch.

325413 VIVA LA REVOLUCION! :pinkiecrazy:

I am contractually obligated to be a part of the revolution, even if I have no idea what it is about. So here I am.

lol whats even goin on here

I am not sure if this group is serious or a joke

Comment posted by shadowblitz13 deleted Aug 5th, 2013

For you revolutionary types! :twilightsmile:

Silver out!

When we win this song will be played

Liberandam oppresso:twilightangry2:

Le Regin Smiður face ᕦ( ͡'ð')ᕤ

suk me bby pls bbg <4

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