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Like a dog chasing tires.....

1,000 followers? intriguing…

[ ] get 100 followers
[ ] get 500 followers
[ ] get 1,000 followers
[ ] get 5,000 followers
[ ] return the favor
[ ] eat lunch
[ ] nap
[ ] other stuff... etc: explosions war violence killing stuff...


oh I needed a vacation anyways!



Yes I really did change... deal with it · 3:00pm Mar 12th, 2015

Y'know I find pretending to be someone your not more fun so... what the hell, here goes nothing...

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Y'know laughing is good for your heart?


everyone smile!

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Are you dead? You haven't read fanfiction in over three days! Is something wrong? You've been gone for two weeks!

We, the Satanic Equivilent of Mormons did not forget you SYSTER!

1703931 well for starters this is definently not my first visit to the realm of insanity my friend, and two I like your style.

Hello, and Welcome to the Realm of Insanity! Though, might I ask, why did you join?

1684462 YES that is good but.... I need MOOAAARR. anyways cool to meet another league of legends fan.

You now have 60 followers, my friend.

Allahu Akbar!!!!111111one

1684057 I can finally say I gazed at the stargazer

I am watched O_O

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