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Here I was, trying to find a 404 Error group but found/ got recommended this instead... WTF was going on back in the day?

376038 fair enough good day to you sir you have my respect, hatred yet somehow you've earned my trust intriguing

I'm sorry, but if we're going to be in this relationship we have to be honest with each other.

376036 an assclown? have you mistaken me for the jack nichoalson joker? *tears of realization:fluttercry:

Ho yeah, if anyone is unnoticed it's Willem Dafoe.

Stop trying to be cool and embrace your identity as an assclown.

375979 at least i don't rp as a dumbs old actor who really went unnoticed besides his part in spiderman that scared the shit outta kids because he looked like a rapist

no u

get rekt foggot, u will habb 2 rip in penis wen eyem dun wit u

375921 i don't read that crap

375868 since when!?

375785 bros haven some fun rp-ing as terrorist... or are we?


What even is this?

375761 I'm sorry but criticism is not aloud here please leave or i will report you not to knightly put a private contractor you have no business on this home of salvation your are violating leave.

By 'special', I can only presume you mean 'unable to use the correct homonym'. :trixieshiftright:

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