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Black Month Willem Dafoe

I will catch Spider-Man with ghosts while my son jumps out of a window.

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Gaseous Uranium Compound Problems · 4:16am Feb 25th, 2015

I know exactly how I want to end the story, but between that and the first chapter I have to make the concept of "Twilight lugging a dead body around" entertaining. I could do it easily if I were an animator, but that requires a lot of time and effort(ew).

I can't really plan things out, I'm not that kind of guy, I just sort of write. Immature Fart Story and Oxygensplosion started as completely different stories, but then the end results just sorta...happened.

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Are you banned forever, friend? :unsuresweetie:

Goodnight, sweet prince. You were so young...you shall be avenged...with irate complaining.

Look at this mess...I was only gone a few months and now all my peeps are banned.

You were like a brother to me, Mr Dafoe.

  • Viewing 86 - 90 of 90
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Portalz0r plagiarism box.

Users who have blockrd me:

Kudzuhaiku- I have no clue why.

Recon777- thought I was going to stalk him

RealityCheck- called him a fat, retarded, trailer trash virgin douchebag, which is actually completely true.

Whisper the Saint- hates atheists.

le cute