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I want to feed of all yall's pubic hairs.

God burns things he doesnt like.

I like burning things I dont like.

Therefore, I am God.

Actually, it just occurred to me that God tends to burn things he doesn't like. So maybe God's message with the whole I hate fags thing was that everyone should smoke. I'll get back to you all on that!

Hello, it's me again: Jesus Christ, your Lord and Master Saviour! I'm just popping in to give God's message:


Also, God hates fags. So stop smoking. Seriously.

I never could figure out Yoga Pants. They're not tights and they are not sweats. It's like they can't decide whether to be one or the other, so they become a hybrid of both. I just can't wrap my mind around them.

Gay black jews burning the American Flag while reading from the Koran

I love yoga pants :D

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