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I feel the cold, the lonliness, rushing around me. I feel the darkness encircling, yet i do not know fear, hate or regret, i am at peace. The darkness is within, and it shall consume me.

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I don't use this account anymore, the person you've reached is not available, please try again: never

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2075775 im glad to hear that. I will go sub to your friend then

Since this actually needs to be addressed i will.

I'm not leaving 'per sae' i'm just putting my fim account on lock down, i was spending too much time reading and not enough doing good things.

I would go and follow artikfox and dick around with him as he has graciously agreed to host my stories and anything else i might do. If you want to see anything else i come up with (Which is following) then go follow him, everything i do will definitely be described as such.

I already edit his story already so it's a friend friend thing ^_^

Also i will be moving my current stories over to his account as well.

Also thanks for the moral support, i've actually isolated the main issue and have addressed it.

Well if you are leaving I shall unfollow then. Hope to see you someday.

Whatever is bothering you so much to make you leave fimfiction then I hope you get it worked out.

Comment posted by RainbowCoolDash Pariah deleted Dec 17th, 2015

Oh god they only recently left :derpyderp2:
Still missed them tho.

I accept being the host of Buckshot's stories. :twilightsmile:

Goddamn it Buck

2035285 by rocking, duh!

How would a rock tell the difference?

00 or 000 buckshot, Buckshot?

1967955 She's so cute. Luna is best pone.

1967916 I'll say, you look absolutely rancid

1967893 Bah, who needs cooking!

Honestly i'd rather put you a on a spit, less work that way.

1967856 I'd rather cook you alive.:pinkiecrazy:

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