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Quid enim est quod luna vita mei dilectissimi

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I like your profile pic, it's cute.:rainbowkiss:

2142043 Luna = Waifu:heart: LOL!!!!!

2142040 hey man you said it. And thank you i always thought luna was cool :pinkiehappy:

2142038 It's what bros do amirite!! BRONIES BE LIKE"LOVE AND TOLERANCE B******!!"
Pardon my french:twilightsheepish:.............
EDIT: Really like your profile pic!! LUNA IS BEST PRINCESS!!!

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The Long Road · 8:33pm Apr 11th, 2015

There is a road, a road long and far.
This road teaches who we are.
Although this road be lonley and long,
on it you will find where you belong.

And on this road, you shall meet,
you will meet true evil, with a front row seat.
However, to get through you must know,
you must mask your pain, it musn't show.

For true pain only lies within,
fed its power by others sin.

When on this road you will learn,
the truth, and it will blind and burn.

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