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Have a story about Luna or Nightmare? Is it love, romance or some absolutely wonderful tale? Post it here! This group is dedicated to Luna fans everywhere that love to read or write about the beloved princess of the night!

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399151 absolutely. Feel free to add it to the listing.

Question, Gov'nah! :rainbowhuh:

Would a story be eligible for this group if the main character is, quite literally, in love with the night? Like, the actual time of day. Yeah, he's mentally ill, but damn if he can't write some beautiful fetish fuel. :unsuresweetie:

My half-closed eyes slowly turned upwards. The moon was shining brightly above me, its white glow illuminating the forest as the trees blurred in and out of focus. For some unknown reason, it calmed me. The pain soon subsided as I went numb, lost in the gentle glow of the huge, white circle in the campus of black known as the night sky. I barely felt anything as my attention wasn't on the bloody grass anymore, but on the inverted dalmation coat above.
I didn't seem to notice as the trees above thinned out. I was lost in an abyss of white. The numbness in my body spread out like an eagle's wings as my eyesight thinned.

oi..... i found my kind of people at last:pinkiehappy:

also they really do need a luna emoticon. cause the more there isnt the angrier i get


All hail the Lunar Love of our lives!:heart:

349342 I give you massive props on making this group I always have loved the night and wished it would last forever because it was beautiful and it and because it is unappreciated by alot of people and for you to make this group and support the night and the ones who love it is truly amazing:raritywink:

why not both?

Holy... O.oa And we've reached our 100th member?:pinkiegasp: Neat! Grats to Avienn to being that 100th! :pinkiecrazy:

This Luna group looks interesting. I may have to stay for awhile.

Smiles was here! :rainbowkiss:

348284 hey, that's what this group was made for. Can't wait to see it! Oh, and welcome to in love with the night. ;)

I have an incredible story featured completely around Luna and her emotions towards her dark past and her sister Celestia! I have taken a lot of time to write this story as deep and poetic as possible. It's currently under approval but keep your eyes peeled! This is one story you do NOT want to miss!

Comment posted by dusty mic deleted Feb 7th, 2014


I'll be completely honest, going into it I just wanted to something like this...

But after reading the first few chapters, I got hooked on the story. The relationship seemed genuine between the characters. The story was believeable for the most part, and I found myself contemplating what would happen next. Something I rarely do. Though, personally, I would have chosen one of these bad boys to drop the bomb.

The only thing I thought was wrong with it was the relationship at first did seem a bit rushed. But aside from that, I'd give it a 9/10 'Would read again'.

347872 Oh wow! ^////^; Hehe thank you! If I may ask, what is it you like the most?


Can I just say that I love your Fallen Equestria stories?

I'm glad this group was made. Been looking for something like this for a WHILE now.

Thank you, Nightmare. Thank you.

O.o; where did you all come from? =D I'll have to hug sam later, big time. Welcome, Welcome! Please feel free to ask questions, chat, post your work, anything. Again, welcome? I'm happy you're here! <3

*rides in on horseback* What's this ah hear 'bout another Luna group? Heck, sign me up. I love the night.

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