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Crazed novice writer, and pre-reader for the Overly Extensive Editors group.

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Working on PL&LL as much as I can at the moment.

Warmongers will be on hiatus for the foreseeable future.

Collaboration fic will be released in the near future.


An Apology · 11:10pm May 16th, 2018

To those who still frequent this site, or even bother to see the post of a long dead contributor, I ask for your forgiveness.

I once had ambitions in the past of being a renowned author on this website, and obviously that has not and more than likely will not happen. I made a few promises and have broken them. I promised to finish Luna's Lunatics long ago but that will probably never happen now. Nor will any of the other promises I made about writing stories on this site.

I'm sorry.

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1147360 I was the second to last guy left with an arty, got into a brawl with a medium, the arty missed, and I got raped. If that damn arty had stayed calm, and the last two mediums had stayed at our base instead of charging the other teams, we would have been fine. But nooooo. Don't listen to the guy with 7 kills. He has no idea what hes doing.

1146554 wow, that really sucks. Quite a beast of a game though.

1144522 A force of Temporary Constables recruited to assist the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) during the Irish War of Independence.

Yes, no?

1143854 No problem, I'm sure you didn't really mean it. I'm pretty pale though, I could probably use a tan. :rainbowlaugh:

Fun fact, the thread was deleted before I could even see your reply that day.

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