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Luna's disposition worsens after Twilight Sparkle once again outdoes the Princess by fighting back another evil foe. Princess Luna wishes to speak with somepony, and finds that a therapist is her only possible choice.

Cover photo by Leyanor.
Featured on Equestria Daily (somehow) on 12/19/2012.

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Interesting, please do continue this story idea of yours. :twilightsmile:

Definitely interesting. I'll track.

I have always been fond of Luna as a character, because she isn't perfect like Celestia. The fact that she has flaws doubts and a startling emotionality makes he much easier to relate to. Please continue
Ciao darling :raritywink:

I do like, especially, the style this is written in. It's remenescient of the Kurosawa film "Rashomon," casting the reader into the role of the therapist. It's a style I like.

Woah, bra. Feels.

I have the best idea for your treatment, Luna.


1604718 Not even a little bit.

Made the mistake of listening to this while I read it.

Right in the feels. Good story, I look forward to more.

This just got interesting.

No offence but im not going to read this.Not beacause i am a bad person,its because i cant handle some pure sad storys.Infact i feel a disturbance in the feels from here.....

Sorry, that's pretty much all I write.

I sure hope so, I'm submitting this to EQD.

1675430 Any telling how often you're going to update this?

"Celestia told me that wanting more than you get is a path to becoming Nightmare Night again."

I'm assuming that should be Nightmare Moon, unless Celestia is warning Luna about turning into a holiday :rainbowwild:

But joking aside, this is definitely going somewhere. I like how we're left to infer what the therapist said from Luna's replies... and that ending. Damn, what did he say to make her that upset?

I must say I can't help but feel a bit sorry for Princess Luna, surely someone like Celestia should at least try to reach out to her sister a bit more, right ? :fluttershyouch::pinkiesad2::fluttercry:

Still please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale of an idea.:trollestia:

Fixed that. Derp.

I wanted to make this third person omniscient, but I decided against it because I would end up using an OC. I felt that this format was better for the fic.

Updates are going to be sporadic, I'm doing a lot of other things in my spare time. Drawing, voice acting, and gaming. I have a little too much spare time, but at the same time, it all gets sucked up.

That last part actually made me jump. :twilightoops: She's already made it clear in canon that pissing off the Princess of the Night is a verrrrry bad idea...

She may be a victim to the Elements, but she is not worthless.

Poor woona.
We all know what you're feeling. :fluttercry:

I found this rather interesting. I'm sorry about EQD--I got outvoted, but I don't think you should change what you've got just to get published. I do feel like you should reword some of Luna's rhetorical questions so that they come off more as natural responses rather than obvious stand-ins for the therapist's dialogue, and I believe you can do that without losing any clarity in the writing, or in her personality.


I understand about the whole EQD thing. At least I'm improving in my writing, for whatever that's worth.

Thank you for the suggestions. I just didn't want every response to remain ambiguous to the point where it was hard to tell what the question was.

Wow, shit man. Da feelz... This really reminds me of the current project I am working on...

Now I'm curious to know what he said to her?
Does Jack have to smack a Colt?

Woona is sad...

Now I IZ sad to...

Great story!
It's long been my position that Luna was getting pushed aside in favor of Twilight.
Well, Twilight, Cadance and Shining Armor. Of these 3
2 owe there social status directly to Celestia.
1 owes his job to Celestia and his social status to Celestia and Cadance.

Celestia is surrounding herself with "yes" ponies. While I'm sure she was happy to see Luna come back, it just never seemed to me, at least, that she was happy enough to share her power. They ARE co-rulers after all. But Luna never seems to get to exercise her birthright.

You're doing a much better job of putting what Luna is, no doubt, thinking down that I ever could.

Keep up the good work.

I cannot empathize with this Luna. She seems whiny and out of character.

I'm sorry, but all I can think when I read your story is: "What? Why? How...?"
I know it's just the way you see it, so you aren't doing anything wrong, but I just cannot imagine Luna being depressed because she would feel hated and dropped to a false role in Twilight's favor.
And the image I have in my mind when reading is a whole crowd of ponies coming in the middle of the night, alarming all the guards, and coming to prove their devotion to the princess of the night.

But that's a matter of points of view and, once again, you've done nothing wrong, I just don't understand why you would try and develop the character that way.

Understandable points. But think of it this way:
Luna has been in the same spot since she was revived in the Season 1 opener. At least, in this continuity. Imagine you see someone that is capable of taking your spot slowly moving up in the ranks while you remain benched at your spot.
And I doubt there would be such a crowd.
But as you said, these are points of view.

I developed the character this way because Luna still remains unused after 2.5 seasons. I wanted to give her some love.

You do a good job at making me hate the Celestia in this story! I want to honestly know how she can still be a total bitch to her sister... .I never like to see Luna sad for it tugs to hard on my feels but honestly in terms of this story I want to see her get to almost a breaking point. Then a confrontation of some sorts.

But that is just me, keep on writing and sorry I didn't read and fave earlier :fluttershysad:

Perfectly fine. I haven't updated this in a while either, so it's partially my fault. I need to reread what I wrote and get back into the writing mindset.

become a brony they said, will always be happy they said
great story, your writing is fantastic, the pure emotion in each word makes me tear up a little, please keep writing

I have no plans to stop.

Whenever I see Luna depicted as the pitiful inferior of the mighty and faultless Celestia, it makes me hate both of them.
Why is this interpretation of these characters so popular? Is it really so interesting?
I don't mean to sound like I hate this story. I don't, but I wanted to strike up a conversation.

I found it curious that Luna was still denied her ability to shine in the Season 3 opener. That is why I wrote this. The last time that she showed her emotions, she turned into Nightmare Moon. As such, her emotions are usually not used in the show. For example, even her sadness in Luna Eclipsed was small compared to someone like Rarity if she was told that her dresses were terrible. Luna seems trained, pushed into something that she did not want to be. I wanted to explore this.

"I do not see my sister often, much like a quarreling couple that argue due to their opposite work shifts."

It's kinda creepy the first thing she likens her sister and her's relationship to is a couple. Oh Luna, you're just a field-day for therapists, aren't you?

The therapist, if he's worth his salt, would give her the advice to actually talk to her sister about this and to go down to Ponyville and interact with the ponies there.

1824693I don't mean in this fic in particular. Perfectly dull Celestia and weak pitiful Luna seem like very common interpretations of these characters. I'm just wondering why is that.

I enjoyed a few things about this story

First, I loved how it showed how a sister would feel about her essitanally being upstaged by a newcomer without making her to extreme in the anger direction. I could see how someone, who was once a hero and respected, could feel like Luna. Lost and being forced back into a role. While at the same time, you succeed in not making Celestia too evil, just trying her best.

Another thing I loved was the POV. It gave me a chance to interpit the different lines in different ways and I always enjoy a story like that.

Since Luna is my favorite I am interested in were this Story goes, so far good Character insight why I can't agree with everything especially the obsession on Twilight a deeper insight into the Princess of the Night is welcome.

Interesting way to think about it. xD

I felt the story would have been slightly crippled if I wrote it in a different way. I always liked that kind of view, and I wanted to try it out.

I want to know what comes of all of this. I can pretty well understand what Luna's feeling, and if she's anyway a reliable narrator things aren't so sweet about Celestia. Luna's tormenting herself by trying to be what she should have been 1000 years ago, and I want to see her be okay, or at least see someone try to be there for her.

The format is real effective; Luna's the only pair of eyes we see from, the only mouth we hear from. It remains open-ended without being to vague, thanks to the quality writing. It's animated, even without prose; her choice of words lets the reader imagine her tone, gestures, the works. It's slim as well, there's not a lot that doesn't need to be there.

Without much else except for Luna's side of things, I can't really tell if she's just being whiny, or this is actually happening. I'll hold my judgment on her for now, as I eagerly await more.

It's insight like this that makes me want to keep writing.


First: My English is terrible, so sorry about this.

Second: Reasons to like and favourited your Story:

- your idea is good and new
. i like your interpration of Luna and her emotions
- it is another kind of story
- i like your ... speling style? Yes, yes i think this is the right word-
- Oh, and the point of view style, i like this.

Soooo, i think this is enough to like your story, or?

Luna, I can be that stallion. T_T

Is this the end? Is Luna going to get a new Therapist, or come to terms with our old one? Can't wait to find out where this one is going. Also we need luna emotes. celestia has one.

Dear god almighty. :twilightoops: E-E-EPIC!

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