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The Cutie Mark Crusaders knock a baseball into a stallion's yard. After he refuses to give it back, Sweetie Belle decides to do the only thing that she can think of in order to get the ball back: become friends with the one who has it.

Written for the Equestria Daily Memorial Day Prompt.

Based on a personal story.

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Respect. All I can say to this.

Well done.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Damn. You really need to drink more energy shots if they made you THIS productive, Vicodin.

Also, nice fic, I liked it, and you managed to write Sweetie Belle pretty nicely :twilightsmile:

Such a lovely story. Although, it would have been even better if you made it a tad longer, but that's just me.:twilightblush:

A story about a stressed stallion and Rarity meeting, and no mention of the spa? What is life coming to?

That is such an awesomely pony story. Ponies believing the best of their fellows and going out of their way to help. Really heartwarming.

“Of course it will! Nurse Redheart is one of the best doctors in Ponyville!

She might have a doctorate, but she still doesn't cure jack shit, y'know?

I haven't even read the entire thing and I already love it :pinkiehappy:

A very moving story. In a way it shows what our veterans go through. Some may not want help but with some friendly persistence from friends and family and some loving care then they can pull through.

Well now, dis works almos' ta' da actual show! Kinda like the Cranky Donkey that Sweetie mention'd. Poisonally, I know just (not much) a thing 'er two about veterans and I've seen dis kinda story before. It's always nice ta see something dis. I actually wonder what noive damage must be like. Can't feel good, no siree. There a coupla folks I've known with simila' predicaments though not veterans. I wish I could write a story like dis. My general demean-ah and accent don' work here.
Though, I'm just Foolin'.

(If the above is grating to people after reading this, I apologize but I just like doing it all the same)
In all seriousness,
What I said above. It's a story I'm familiar with and it's a heart-touching one. The fact that it is based on a story that actually happened to you is quite something. Part of me wonders if you really had the guts to see if the vet would actually break your foot. Even if that didn't really happen, it was a very nice touch.

I didn't pick up any spelling errors and the story flowed quite well. The characters were quite believable and in-character. And finally, this is just a feel-good story. It's nice like that; no twists or grimdark or sudden burst of cutesyness.

Hats off to you sir and my heart goes out to the veteran that you helped. He's certainly given to us both by serving his country and by inspiring this story.

Write on good sir.

That was excellent.

Thank you <3

I have one behind me for Dash's New Mom... I don't know what I'm getting myself into x.x

I intend to add in little tidbits here and there before I send it to EQD. It's definitely not perfect, I just ran out of time and had to rush the ending x.x

I wanted to write something like that. Therapist Visit was too sad, and all of my clopfics are the complete opposite of a "pony" story. Plus, it's Sweetie Belle. Who doesn't love writing her?


It's also a shame that there are veterans suffering like this...

I hope you read all of it now!

I felt that it just needed to be that way. Twists would ruin the story and thank you. I do not intend to stop writing.

Thank you for thinking so!

Very nice read indeed. I think it is hard to depict Rarity's character without being either a Sl*t or a greedy mare. I think you did it just perfect. Also since Sweetie Belle is my favorite pony I liked reading about her. You caught her character quite well, too.

The only downside I see is that the fic feels quite rushed towards the end, but as I said, a nice read.

This is beautiful. This is just beautiful.

Oh this was just simply beautiful. I was thinking that this was going to end up like this (The fact that two of the others also helped out made this special.) I also loved the protrayl of Rarity in this and our dear Sweetie Belle. I would also like to ask if you will give this to DHX and we can have an excellent season 4 episode. The writing on this was sound and I love the feeling of hope and happiness at the end.

In the end, excellent work.


Thank you very much for your compliments. Sometimes we all need to write out a good and heartfelt story from time to time.

I know many people say stuff like 'manly tears' or exaggerate their claims. I'm going to tell you the truth. This story made me cry. 3 tears. Doesn't sound like much, but that's the most I've cried in 8 months. I'm not sugarcoating it or trying to seem more masculine by saying 'manly tears'. I simply cried tears of joy over this story. Well done. You have anew follower and fan. :twilightsmile:

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Damn. Talk about a powerful letter.

You made me shed a tear. Well done, dude.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh wow. A tear? I'm surprised that I actually... did.


Not everyday I read something this touching.

~Skeeter The Lurker

These letters really pull it all together for me. I'm glad that you chose to end on a high note, after a practically immaculate first chapter that was really touching.
That, and Sweetie Belle's apologies to the Princess are somewhere between hilarious and adorable! :scootangel:

Um... so how is this based on a personal story? Who is "playing your part" here, Sweetie Belle or Safeguard? If you don't mind telling me that is :unsuresweetie:

Veteran's benefits? What veteran's benefits? :trollestia:

Do a follow-up where the princess replies. Both Princesses probably.

Author Interviewer

Gotta say the writing didn't impress and the letters don't add much, but I think you did "introduce an OC" the right way.

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