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Comment posted by Godslittleprincess deleted Oct 30th, 2015


Your stories look interesting:pinkiehappy:

Thank you very much for the comments and of course the fave. I am very glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

Popping your comment bubble with a happy gif:


(No, I have no real idea why I'm doing this either)

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Gold Standard (comedy)

Authors who have caused me to laugh uncontrollably are rare, but the few that make this list are the magnificent elite that I can only hope to aspire to.

Jasonthehuman for his amazing work on Anthropology and it's spinoff

Arcainum for the gut busting Harpflank and Sweets.

Consider yourselves fully approved Elements of Laughter.:pinkiehappy:

How to tell that you've been on Fimfiction too much.

1) When you read a book or magazine, you want to post a comment at the end of a chapter.

2) When reading an article in the newspaper, you wonder how clueless user and obnoxious writer would react to it.

3) When chatting with your friends you deeply miss the :yay: emoticon.

4) You have spent your time figuring out the activity schedules of the mods in order to perfectly time publishing your new story.

5) You are in a conversation and someone's poor grammar flips your attack switch.

6) You get more P.M.s than spam emails.

7) You are filled with the need to track and fave when your sibling told you about their day.