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Hey sweet, a group about ghosts! Is it active though? :o

Wanderer D

300118 I believe Chromosome owned the doc, which might explain its absence. I think there's another project doc that included all the info in it floating around, but I'm not sure if anyone is still participating in this project...

Link to document at top of this page is broken; document no longer exists. Please explain the group rules?

I have my LOEG prompt up on the site but I haven't submitted it yet. Do we all submit on the 30th, when it's due? Then place it in the group folder?

Let me know! Thanks!

Don't think I'm going to make this deadline, because my prereader is too lazy.:trixieshiftleft:


this has me thinking.

this is probably NOT a good thing, but it does. I will def have something for it... can't guarantee quality, but I imagine the concept itself should be somewhat interesting. that's my talent, after all- concepts.

Since this is a prompt, maybe I actually won't get sidetracked and write complete random garbage.
Shouldn't be that much of an improvement, though. F├╝rchtet euch.

Kinda wondering the same as Fedora, should just the first chapter be up by the 30th or do the entire fic have to be completed by that time?

290622 Nono, it's cool. I'm gettin' all snippy, whoops =3

from the prompt

... you simply have to create an OC to narrate different perspectives of a non-inherently-negative event that happened in Ponyville...

Could be taken as "Create an OC who will narrate" or "Create an OC for the purposes of narration".
I don't mind either way, just wanted to verify after reading that.
Hmm, choices...

If someone has a multipart story does it have to be completed before Oct. 30 or does the first chapter have to be done before that date? :applejackunsure:

290559 Nah, just write what you want. The whole point is to just get people doing words =3 SS&E wrote 40k for the last one.

290575 Write as much as you like. Jeez, why everyone gots to have all these rules? Also yeah, Fedora is right. It's a loose guideline to inspire stories, that's it.

290581 At no point does it say the OC has to be a dead pone =3 But you could totally do that if you wanted.

290583 None, I would hope, considering the spirit of the prompt =p

290584 We are of the opinion that people are sufficiently not-exactly-the-same that stories will be different of their own accord. I mean... I'd HOPE so.

290594 It is entirely up to you. Where are people getting these assumptions from? xD Literally the only criteria is "There are dead ponies and roughly this happens. Write a thing within this world." Go nuts!


Also, it only has to be based on the prompt and we can take creative liberties with some things right?

Precisely this. Like, that's why it's called a prompt. It prompts you into creativity.

Hehe...finally, a prompt that'll let me write about my little sad, blue unicornthat uncontrollably causes cancer with her magic.

Any definitive length that it should be? Should it be a one-shot that hits you hard in the feels, or a long epic that show's the nature of life and the thin veil between the dead and the living? Can it be however long we want, or should it be a specific length/word count? That will affect my ideas and how I will write the whole thing out probably. Also, it only has to be based on the prompt and we can take creative liberties with some things right? Or does it have to all correlate to each other's stories? I'm just curious on these few things... Honestly, I can't wait to get started! :twilightsmile:

Hmm, never written from a prompt before (unless you count a college prompt which lead me to write a fictional short story that lost an entire letter grade cause it didn't follow the prompt :pinkiecrazy:).

Anyway, I will try to write a story, since this prompt is really getting me thinking. Hopefully I can finish this on time (if not I'll submit what I can & finish the rest afterwards.

Also, the entire story should be narrated first person right?


Your OC need not be a ghost, no. Though he/she certainly can be if you, as the author, desire such.


I think it's up to you, where the ghosts are from, how long they've been dead, etc. (having been in on most of the plotting for this). I'm doing a couple of characters who've been dead for ~40 years but had strong enough unfinished business that they've hung around limbo, and Charon leaving just gave them the chance to come back. Plus, since there is no "frame" story as such there's not a lot of need for the details across stories to match up to anything I don't think? I mean apart from the absolute basics of the prompt.


Wait, so is the timeline idea the strict synopsis for the contest? I have a short story that fits into the whole Charon/death thing, but does not follow the exact timeline.

This sounds pretty cool. Yeah, I wanna know how long we have to write these as well. Oops, deadline is Oct 30

Also, should we try to avoid doing similar stories? Like: X writer wants to write about Z kind of thing happening, so should writer Y avoid that particular topic/idea? If these are all supposed to be happening in the same continuity, it would kinda make sense....

Reporting in! Mission received and understood. :rainbowdetermined2: Also, just throwing this out there, how many times are Applejack's parents going to be the main characters? Anyone care to guess?:applejackconfused:

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