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Hi one and all to Wreckers!. If your like us, you love to go on threads purely for the fun of it. With no particular rhyme or reason. Got something to say or a picture you wish to post? Well then do it! No persecution here, just thread posting for the fun of it. Getting new ideas, sharing plots, having a quick question answered. In and all are welcome here!

Come and join up today, and together we shall post random threads together!

(Not intended for hate or anything of the sort. Just a hang out group for random thread posts. Any NSFW will be taken down in order to stay within good graces of the mods.)

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I thought we are called wreckers cause can't use wankers.:raritydespair:

Grimm, you forgot the part where we join threads just to disfigure them beyond recognition with gay flirting and stupidity.

Why else would we be called WRECKERS?

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