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I'll try to try.

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I'm just gonna leave this here.


Sup · 9:40pm Nov 17th, 2013

Wow, I haven't done anything here in a really long time.

I mostly blame the discovery of several phenomenal webcomics, but also the new school year and some other, more personal IRL issues share the fault as well. A friend of mine passed away last week, and we've all been in mourning for the past few days. It's been rough, but I'm coping pretty well. It's not that I'm not sad, it's just that I can't dwell on it forever.

It's also a struggle dealing with the new increased workload that comes along with the new school year. Several classes have been kicking me up and down the block recently, so I had to commit extra time to them in order to keep up. It doesn't help that they're all Honors/AP classes. Damn.

Some particular vidya games are also the cause of my reluctant embargo on writing, but hell, when are they not?

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499508 Story does not exist.


780915 Thanks, Yip.

I didn't know you were a fan of KB. Quality actor.

Oh, and I guess you made the feature box technically (collab, I guess), so I'd cross that off your list.

716147 Yes, I saw the second half of it a few days back and managed to record the full thing later. Always did have a fancy for archaic English.


715845 Yes, the Lawrence Fishburne version. Saw it when I was 14, and since then Kenneth Branagh has been my favorite actor.

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