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Fun must be always.

Just Who is RazedRainbow (and why won't he leave)?: 2016 Edition

- Occasional writer
- Former story moderator on Fimfiction
- Infrequent editor/proofreader/nitpicker
- Still the only ponyfic writer in South Carolina.
- Owner of a Skype account that hasn't been accessed in over two years. Need to get a new one, I suppose Now back on Skype. God help us all...
- Far-too-frequent Bronycon attendee.
- Limestone is best horse. Maud is second. Rock horses forever!

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"Best Friend" · 4:53pm Jun 13th, 2015

"Best Friend"

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- Still the only ponyfic writer in South Carolina.
excuse you

Unexpected! But welcome all the same.

Welcome to the legion, and it was a joy to see you at the con. Even if I slightly got you confused with others... Oops.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Limestone is indeed pretty Swell.

Just wanted to say I've really enjoyed All Who Wander Are Not Lost, and hoping the story comes out of hiatus at some point. Left it on a cliffhanger and too many questions are in need of answering. :)

  • Viewing 471 - 475 of 475
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