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Applejack has a good, successful career in the rodeo scene. She's even good enough to go pro someday! But as with all competition, there are certain people who irk you more than the others. And nothing good ever lasts. After an accident threatens to permanently end Applejack's career, she finds herself being comforted by the last person she'd ever wanted to see.

She also reluctantly finds herself wanting to see her more often.

Cover art: made by me! check it out here on Twitter and Tumblr

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Apple fritter.

God this is like so so good. You already know I'm 100% in on this concept but you paint the setting so incredibly well! I literally want to live here it sounds incredible and so idyllic and peaceful. I suggested the lasso idea as a joke and yet you pulled it off seamlessly here, it's absolutely incredible. The chemistry between Strawberry and Applejack is also incredible, and you're able to use Applejack's emotions as a driving point of the story which works super well here. Loving this so much! They're so gay!

Ahh well thank you very much Red! I'm glad you're all in for the story and that you think I'm doing a good job with the setting. And I dunno, the lasso idea was pretty amazing which is why I just had to include it. And aaaaa thanks! They really are gay! This comment made me :)))))))

Seriously though, this has been great so far. Your character interactions are all fantastic, especially AJ and Strawberry. God I love them so much.

hahaha i love that gif
also thank you aaaa that really means a lot. writing believable interactions is hard for me so its nice to hear that you're enjoying :>

Jay I am such an idiot

I was SO excited to read this fic, and I was waiting and waiting and waiting for you to post it - until Red kindly pointed out to me that you had posted it! On an alt that I had somehow missed you announce!! And here I was, waiting around like a sucker for Applejack rodeo shenanigans to come to ME, when I could have gone to THEM all along. The time I've wasted.....

So like. I don't know anything about rodeo as a sport. I know it involves horses and occasionally rope. Post reading this chapter, I know more about rodeo than I ever, and that's pretty awesome. I love love LOVE the rivalry you set up between Applejack's nd Strawberry (and the seeds of drama you've sown? Does Strawberry have an injury she isn't disclosing?). Your voice for Applejack is impeccable, as usual, and your style has managed to engross me in a sport I know diddly-squat about. Impressive? Yes. Surprising? Of course not. That's why I was so goddamn hype to read this.

Speaking of! I'm going to sign off and hit the next chapter >:3

Apple Fritter. Is so good.

I really like the way you've drawn Apple Fritter into the family a little more. As much as the Apple family is presented as this unimaginably large (yet close-knit) unit, the show rarely brings in other Apples, even as one-offs. I love seeing the other Apples brought into these sorts of things and given a bit more of the spotlight :) it makes everything feel even more lively and warm. I also really enjoy the board game sequence. It's just a great device, and again one that not many authors leverage effectively. I can just feel the coziness and the fun in this chapter.

I'm REALLY dying to know where this rivalry is headed. My brain says this is a sports story, and therefore the defeat of the rival will be the ultimate climax... However, my heart says those are some lesbians right there <3 uhu ladies and gaydies let's get queer in here

Either way, I know it's gonna be super fun!! Yay!!! :D

advsajfsb MUSH i am sobbing thank you for the comment! i didnt know you were interested (or even knew) about my silly little story idea :0 but im glad you liked the first chapter! aaah!!

The board game sequence was one of, if not my favourite thing I've written so far :)

And as for Fritter, you can definitely thank Red for that one. I wanted a character to show up in one scene but I had so much fun writing her I decided to keep her in cause damn it, the Apples deserve better.

As for where the story is headed? Well... hah. I'm definitely excited for that. I can't wait to get to it cause there's something I've been planning for a while and i think it'll be something that will have a bit of everything >:)

Your comments have literally boosted my serotonin, thanks!

Math bonding? In this economy?

Fantastic chapter! Annnnd I spy more quality horses on the way! As if this couldn't get any better!

Aaah thank you Red! and yes! there will be some more horses to come >:)

Ah. It’s not everyday you browse through recently updated fics, catch one that sounds interesting, read it on a whim, and then it winds up being as good as you had hoped! But lo and behold you have done it! I went into reading this yesterday aiming to just read chapter one, but this story managed to stick its stirrups into me, and here I am. All chapters read, “read it later” changed to “favorites” (not something I’d normally do with an incomplete fic) and eagerly waiting for more! Good show! And now some thoughts

Please forgive the awkward, rambl-y nature of this. Commenting on stories is something I am woefully out of practice at. This is going to be a bit long so… sorry haha

There’s a lot to like in this story, but I’m going to break it down into three parts. 

First off, every Apple family story lives or dies (at least in my mind) with the family dynamic, and this story does a better job than most at portraying the family in more “real world” situations (farm upkeep and the financial costs/hardships therein, struggling to fit into new environments as well as to forgive and forget, and of course bondage jokes and incessant sexual tension)  while still having the human counterparts of the Apples feel like the characters from the show. Applejack is at her Applehat-y best. Strong-natured, heart of gold, but still with that stubbornness that fleshes her out. As someone who has been put in those situations where bullies from middle or high school transition to genuinely nice people or even friends as time goes by, I can empathize with Applejack. While I didn’t deal with teasing in such tragic circumstances as AJ did, it is difficult to let go of the past. Are their smiles genuine or two-faced? Are the bribes really good-natured or is this start of the cruelty again? I have my own thoughts on Strawberry I’ll save till later, but regardless I understand AJ. Love your characterization of her so far.

But where would AJ be without her family? Well, I love how you have portrayed Apple Bloom, Big Mac, and Granny. You can see why AJ needs each one of them in her life--they’re the pillars that hold her up when she needs a boost and ground her in reality and tells it as it is. While I understand AJ’s doubts with Strawberry, how she’s acting is doing nothing to help anything, and thank goodness Mac and Apple Fritter are there to try to keep her stubbornness from taking over. Likewise, Apple Fritter is an Apple I honestly was not familiar with at all before reading this, but I have decided two things: I love her, and there needs to be more of her. Definitely does a great way of showing how strong the Apples familial bond is. 

Moving onto the second thing, we have Strawberry Sunrise. Strawberry is just wonderful here. I will admit the constant “good-natured” ribbing in her first couple appearances were a little off-putting. I think that works fine because, at the moment, you’re supposed to be in AJ’s boots: completely and utterly annoyed with this chick. Chapter 4 does a great job of showing that good side that Apple Fritter insisted Strawberry has. I think she truly is sorry for what she did to Applejack. I am unsure if we’ll get flashbacks to those bullying days of high school but part of me thinks that AJ might have a small bit of confirmation bias when looking back. Maybe Strawberry made jokes back then to try to lighten the mood, and they wound up backfiring and hurting AJ. Applejack’s anger at this is justified, but I hope we hear more of Strawberry’s side. If you remember that great Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold! You’ll know what I mean when I say Strawberry’s giving me heavy Helga Pitaki vibes. That is a good thing!

The third part which is a bit strange to point out is the description of the story. I don’t know why but I actually like how the short description hangs (Literally if you’re reading on a computer) over the story like a foreboding cloud. Times seem good for AJ right now: she’s got an awesome family, her rodeo career is thriving, and she’s starting to forgive someone who she hates (and maybe start having feelings for in a subconscious sort of way). But sometime in the future there will be an accident that “threatens to permanently end Applejack’s rodeo career.” This adds a small bit of tension to scenes from the action-y ones like Applejack chasing/racing Stawberry to simple tasks like driving to pick up Apple Bloom. “Is the accident about to happen?” you wonder. It has not happened yet, but it will. How will said accident threaten to end AJ’s career? I feel I might have a pretty good idea due to some of the lines in a few chapters. Not going to bluntly say what I think is going to happen but I’ll just say lines like “Applejack’d rather lose her legs than imagine Strawberry actually being nice” makes me think that AJ's walking days may be numbered. :ajsleepy:
Anyway, I have rambled enough. All this adds together to simply say: Great job on this story and I can’t wait to read more! :ajsmug:

Holy heck. Your comment made me smile so much! I really should check this account more often. I wasn’t expecting to get a really long comment, but it really made my day. I’m glad you enjoyed all these aspects of the story, I’ve been having a lot of fun writing them :>

As for the description, I really need to get the ball rolling haha. I fear I’ve been dragging it out too long but it certainly won’t be long til we get to the meat of the story, so to say. I like your theory. That’s all I will say about that.

Thanks for giving the story a chance and then saying some really nice things about it! All the more incentive to write more frequently :>

Hey, keep the good words coming and I'll keep commenting. :ajsmug: Though future comments probably won't be quite as long (Had 5 chapters of quality apple to comment on so I might have rambled a bit :applejackconfused:). I would not say it's dragged (you had several characters to establish) but it is good to hear we're not far from the plot ratcheting up. Very curious to see where this goes!

Aw thanks! Hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy it

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