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This story is a sequel to The Farmer & The God

It has been four years since Thor returned to Asgard, and since then a lot of things have changed for Applejack. Her life has changed, along with the lives of her friends. With their lives seeming to move on, Applejack starts to wonder about her own life, and if Thor will ever come back for her.

One day a stranger comes to Ponyville, and gives Applejack a strange old book. This sets Applejack on a journey to the mystical world of myths and legends, through the massive sea that divides the living world from the afterlife, through Midgard to find the rainbow bridge, to the land of wonder. Land of the gods.

Art made for me by: Hoodwinked MCShelster

(Please note this is not Marvel Thor, contrary to popular belief there are other versions, like Norse Mythology ;D)

Hello, and welcome to the sequel of The Farmer & The God. Before you proceed you should know some things may have changed since the first one. The story is the same, but the description of Thor has changed.

I could go back and change it in the original story, but I like to keep it as it is, flaws and all. It is a good reminder to me how far I have gotten.

So if you go back to read it, you should know there are mistakes I would not do today, habits I have shaken off. It feels very much like a fan fic in the the most cringe way possible, but in a good way for me.

That story will always hold a special place in my heart. :heart:

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I love it. :pinkiehappy:
I'll be waiting for the next chapter.

Hopefully Monday if my momentum keeps up. ^^

Er det inspireret af den Danske tegneserie Valhalla?

Ja. Jeg elsker de tegne serier, og filmen og dens tema inspireret meget at denne historie. Selve forsiden for historien er baseret på coveret til filmen Valhalla som en slags hyldest. Jeg låner lidt her og der, bruger Nordisk mytologi, lille smule Græsk, og naturligvis MLP og Valhalla. Så hvis du bliver ved med at læse vil du finde mange referencer, men jeg gør det stadig til min egen historie. :twilightsmile:

I am seriously disappointed by the lack of him calling her, Jack of Apples. Good story despite this.

*Cries* Damn it.. it started off with a real gut punch

Ahhhh, Loki, just as handsome and insufferable as ever.

Very good~ Loki being Discords Son. I love it. Keep up the good work

other way around, Loki is Discord's dad in this story

For once Loki actually wants to help his nephew (in Norse mythology Loki is actually the brother of Odin not Thor) honestly I think that Loki got sick and tired of seeing Thor all mopey and all that and wanted to give him and his love a chance to reunite that way Thor can fight at his greatest once more well Loki is the god of mischief in this case the mischief is used for the betterment of one's life.

By the way I suggest Discord give Applejack the ability to take on a humanoid form or at least make her far more skills at axes or something like that such as the berserker class that she's usually seen as in D&D at crossovers

That's what I meant but I typed it wrong.

A good chapter! I see Loki's little big of encouragement is wearing off now that they're there, and I also see Loki's kid is splashing in the bathtub again, honestly why are all of Loki's kids so rude?

Vragi Loving apples is a direct parallel to Ryuk and his obsession with them

You found one of the Easter eggs!! :pinkiehappy:

I thought it would be funny to do a little wink to that series. ^^

I suggest once they get to midgard they do a bit of training maybe Loki shows up in his smaller form again and presents them with weapons the opportunity for greater mischief (especially with Apple Bloom there) would be too tempting to resist for the god

That is very touching applejack hanging onto there love

Excited about this new story, I can definitely see the improvement in your skill since the original, and am stoked to see this universe continue :twilightsmile:

Thank you, means a lot to hear that. :pinkiehappy:

Haven't read it, but I'm excited to see if Thor fights that ridiculously large serpent I forgot the name of.

Probably not a good idea.

Jörmungandr and Thor are prophesied to fight each other to the death during Ragnarok (End of the World).

Thor kills the Serpent encircling the freaking WORLD, but takes nine steps back and dies from the poison it blows in his face.

I see the All-Father has taken an interest in his potential daughter in law.

Finally I can favorite this sequel and add it to My Choosen Ones list

Does this mean Discord is the brother of Fenrir, Jörmungandr, and Hel?

Should've done what Odysseus did and tied yourselves to the mast.

I see your Lord of the Rings reference here. I've got to admit, I kinda expected Lucy's name to be "Merry" upon reading Pippin's name.

I am thrilled that you have continued the story of Astral Thunder (Thor) and Applejack! I am definitely following and faving it! I also love the ongoing Norse Mythology references you got here and that Loki is Discord's father in this. I can actually see it happening. Though does this mean Discord's mother is Sigyn or Angrboda? (a Jötunn (giant))?


Thank you so much, I am really happy that you are enjoying it. As to answer your first quastion, yes, Discord is the brother of Loki's other children, however I want to keep the background of that vauge, I don't want to give specifics on his origin, or mother.

Dammit, y'all makin me sad over here :fluttercry:

Dare I say it, It's almost unfair to wait for an update, yet I completely understand why. Me being an impatient fool has no effect. Me being an engrossed fan also has little effect on anything. However I will say this: The siblings' journey is a hard one. Truths will be hard to swallow and many questions will be answered....if you for us to patiently wait. Great job my friend!

I hekkin' knew it! I see Loki is still as much of a slimeball as ever! :coolphoto:

Say, do you read Rick Riordan? Your writing kinda reminds me of his style.

Oh my god, it is so funny you should say that. I just started to read the Percy Jackson series here last week. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm a huge Rick Riordan geek! I own the majority of his books. Everything from the full Percy Jackson series (plus Greek gods and Greek heroes, Demigod files and Camp Half-blood Confidential), the full Heroes of Olympus series (plus the bonus book Demigod Diaries), The full Kane Chronicles series, The Magnus Chase trilogy (plus the bonus book Hotel Valhalla), and finally The Trials of Apollo series, which isn't yet complete to my knowledge and I own four of the current five books. :yay:

Sorry if this sounds a little brag-ish, but I haven't met many Rick Riordan fans, who I could talk to about this stuff. :twilightsheepish:

Anyways, yeah I've read a lot of his works, so I can pick up on his style pretty well, and your writing does sound kinda similar! I hope writing this story as well as others goes well for you, cheers! :twilightsmile:

I enjoy it so far, and I can see what people mean when they say the books make so much more sense than the movies. So far I've only read two of them, finished the second one a few days again. I was really surprised, the book made me not hate Tyson. XD

Well you know how it goes :raritywink:

Ok this was definitely worth the wait for updates!!!

As soon as you started telling the story of Thor's Fishing Trip, Overly Sarcastic Productions Prose Edda video popped up in my head.

I wonder how the Apples and Rainbow will react upon hearing the tale of how Thor had to pose as a bride?

Could be Loki, he is a shape shifter after all

Oh God, I remember something along the lines of that! I hope Pippin tells that story!

Of course it would! There's no way it isn't! :eeyup:

This felt way too much like a set up. A possible test from Loki perhaps?


As fun as that story would be, it would be a little hard to work with it. In that story, Thor's hammer was stolen, hence why he had to dress up as Freya, and pretend to be her until they brought out the hammer as a wedding gift. Since Thor's hammer in this story is part of his cutie mark, or honor mark as I call it, it would be impossible for the giants to steal it.

That is not to say you could not work around this, but like something else was stolen, and it needs brains, not brawns, for the gods to get it back.

However I don't think I will write it, but perhaps I will. It is too early to say for now. :twilightsmile:

Brilliant story! More please...

This is such a sweet chapter! Can't wait to see the others' reaction for the heavy stuff!

Ooooof....... right in the feels there, in a painful but sweet way.

Cliffhanger?!? NO!!! BAD AUTHOR! Leaving us on a...

But seriously, great chapter.

And thus, Heimdall has entered the story.

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