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Planning the next book after the "The chef's..."

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  • 4 weeks
    My first book.

    Hey everyone. So my first book I ever made on this platform I have temporarily removed for a much needed rework.

    The book isn't up to my book reading standard so I am going to rework it and temporarily remove it from my readable bookshelf.

    It will also be placed in the freezer until December when I am more in the Christmas mood.

    "Santa Pony" book will be unavailable until further notice.

    My excuses for the the unexpected actions.

    - Vincent

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  • 54 weeks
    The new arc.

    It's going to take a bit longer to make the next story arc for my book.
    As I don't want to burn myself out. Plus I need to map out my next moves.
    The first arc was a set up for the future, however this arc can be considered as Important filler for the book.
    But I don't want to make it boring when I make the next chapters. they will come out slower and more carefully.

    sorry for the inconvenience


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  • 227 weeks
    New book, problems

    Hi There!

    I am having trouble posting some book idea's
    but if the upcoming book failed to be posted,
    I will be on hiatus for a while



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  • 232 weeks
    Christmas story!


    Vincent789 speaking,

    I forgot to type this in the author chapter, but there are few things I would love it if you guys did this instead!

    There were many references, from which a few non-existing stories, I would love it if a writer of their own story would look at my stories, hidden within my story and write their own way of the way I wrote it!

    Maybe much more and maybe better stories will turn up at FimFiction,

    I hope that this year will be special,

    Read More

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It was a mistake, i realized it after i noticed that you couldn't like or dislike the story.

So why disable literally everything on your latest story? That is a lazy and sad way out of taking lumps for whatever mistakes there might be.

Or just knowing people like it at all.

I can't wait for more truth or dare >:) if you know what I mean?
Isn't that right rainbow?

Rainbow Dash was shaking his head saying "Please no more!"

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