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It takes a certain kind of pony to become a personal servant to the princesses. One must have patience, grace, a clever head, and be a problem solver.

Dapper Dash is one such pony.

Although skeptical about the idea of having a personal butler, Dapper Dash soon proves he is anything but an ordinary butler. While most ponies would be rattled or nervous around Celestia and Luna, he seems to be calm, and even managing to keep up with them.

He's a true gentlecolt, and not only that, he is quite the learned stallion, impressing even princesses. Clearly he is more than than he seems, but not much is known about him. With the drama around the palace it may be good to have an ally that can think on his hooves.

After all, a butler is there to make life easier for their charges.

Big thanks to Hoodwinked MCShelster for the amazing cover art! Really love how it turned out! ^^

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Tik, tok, tik, tok, tik, tok.


Ultimate butler vs blueblood that kinda like a immovable object vs spoilt unstoppable force

Very interesting.

I'm really enjoying this story and look forward to seeing more. :heart::twilightsmile:

"Manners maketh man"

I'm getting a feeling of "Kingsman" and "The Grand Budapest Hotel"...And I like it:)

Lol this chapter is great. By the end of it I was like "did it just get 20% cooler?"
Question: Dapper wouldn't happen to be related to a certain Best Pony with a rainbow mane and tail, would he? *sits with fingers crossed and chanting 'please say yes please say yes please say yes '*

This is great. Nice character building and I like the story concept so far. I'm putting this on my Tracking bookshelf. It's already on my Read Later bookshelf. Looking forward to the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Hopefully it'll update soon. *looks forlornly at screen as it reloads*

Haha thank you, that means a lot. :twilightsmile:

this story just keeps getting better and better thank you for this lovely read can't wait for more:twilightsmile:

Shouldn't chapter 3 be labeled as Chapter 2?

I'm liking Dapper more and more, this story keeps on getting better and better with each chapter and seeing the many skills Dapper has.

Keep up the awesome work! :twilightsmile:

in equestria the butler always wins especially when it for the house

Well played Dapper... Well damn played. Eager to see what the young butler will be dealing with that might involve in his mangled wing or the medications.

I love it I still wonder about his wing well cant wait to find out In the future and keep up the great work

well that one way to get to know his head maid

Immovable Object vs Unstoppable Force. :rainbowwild:

apparently the answer is a broken bed

Well, that escalated quickly

Now that’s a smooth Gentlecolt.

I have a feeling his past will be something along the lines of a spy/secret agent who was injured on the job

Does Blueblood know about Gaspacho Soup? :trollestia:

another great chapter and how dapper told celestia about you know what was funny thank you I needed that laugh keep up the great work

That was good and really funny, I needed that today.

Wonder if anypony will find out Dapper using painkillers to get through the day and try to help him get off them before he becomes addicted to them,


Pity. Need to find something else just as unique to non Equestrian races to rub his face in.

Durian? :yay:

I loved the part where Celestia thought that Dapper was talking about her flanks getting larger, then she checked for herself to see. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Who's the head gardener? Have Dapper meet them?

I would imagine he has, though who he or she is I do not know or have thought about yet.

That could be another character to introduce:)

Yeah, could be. Not thought of a chapter for that yet, but yes. :eeyup:

This is just great. I love this story so much. It's really enjoyable to read. Looking forward to the next update. *looks forlornly at the screen*

Later edit: I just realized that I had at least one chapter still to read until I'm caught up to the current updates, so yay.:yay:

Thank you DarkPhoenixx, that comment means a lot. :twilightsmile:

hope we get him interacting with the mane six that be fantastic

Why do you think I mention the running of the leaves. ;)

Love this, very 'House M.D.' Love the story too!

Thank you for getting the reference, you just made my day. :ajsmug:

Well... Evening. :twilightsheepish:

A variation on traumatic carpel tunnel syndrome? Wing got broke and crushed in sich a way that the surgery to free it would cause so much damage that attempting to rebuild it normally would lead to excess stress in the remainder of the wing? Its bad enough with legbone form, but wing bones will be even more highly stressed?

At least making freinds is back.

Dapper returned to the doorway. "Well, his study suggests if the sun was bigger our planet would resolve around it on it's own accord. Because of it's MASSIVE size we would be drawn into it's orbit."

* Wheeze! * * Sounds of slamming fist against desk * * Intense laughter * * WHEEEEEZE!! *

The CMC, Discord?

The Butler did It? :rainbowderp:

another great chapter in a great story great work

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