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Why do I write? Because it's fun! :D


Rainbow Dash have achieved her dreams, she is a Wonderbolt. Her life is perfect, well, almost, something is still missing from her life, but that will soon change, because today is the day everything finally falls into place.

Her coltfriend, Pax Light, a stallion she has had her ups and downs with, but in a good way, has finally asked her to marry him. But of course, it is not the only great thing about this marriage, she is not only going to be a wife, but a mother as well.


Just a short story I wanted to do. Something sweet and straight forward, one can say it is part of a bigger story I want to do someday, but today I just wanna write this small happy moment. ^^

Big thanks to the editor who is; Jason Monroe

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If this was in my universe, I would be Rainbow's best stallion.

Sweet and innocent, nicely done:twilightsmile:

Great fun little chapter. Keep up the amazing work!

I’d be her best mare in my 1st universe.
Not even exist in the second universe
3rd isn’t mlp at all, it’s even crazier. (Contraptions x 104)

The other two nodded in agreement, making Rainbow Dash blush. She was not really used to that sort of attention, sure whenever she did amazing and cool stunts she was all about the attention. This however, this was an entirely new form of attention, they didn't look at her as the awesome daredevil of a super cool mare. They looked at her like a beautiful mature mare ready to tie herself to the love of her life.

I can never imagine Rainbow getting married. The word awesome has officially left, making room for aww-ing

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