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Rainbow Dash is the coolest and fastest pony ever! Everything is going her way lately! Nothing can stop her!

Though she is starting to feel not so awesome. Her mood swings a lot, she doesn't feel too well, and she has gotten some strange food habits.

Taking a friend's advice, she goes to the doctor to find out what is going on. She gets some news she was not prepared for, neither was her friends.

Rainbow Dash is pregnant...

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Dashie’s almost three months along and hadn’t noticed? Ooph...consistent with the girl, but still....

Enjoying it so far. Will be tracking this one.

So good so far! Keep going! :pinkiehappy:

how it could get worse, zephyr breeze turn out to be the father :pinkiesick::rainbowlaugh:

Maybe the father is a griffon. Ponies don't usually eat meat.

"Well, I've enjoyed fresh pickles coated with honey, and sprinkled with rainbow pops." She told, almost getting hungry by the mere thought.

*HUUUURGH* okay that make me throw up xD

"Well, my tail just warned me of the danger of you drinking that stuff, but.." She looked back at it. "Something is different.. Hmmm.. Maybe my tail is sick too..?" Then she looked at Rainbow, a strange serious look in her eyes. "Rainbow, I don't think you should drink any alcohol for some time."

Pinkie is serious! Everypony into the Bunkers!
*Sirens howling*
Thus is the end! DAMN YOU CELESTIA!

I am Hooked. ^^ sound like fun ^^

:twilightoops: 1st Rainbow eating strangely now you...
:raritystarry: Wut?
:moustache: You're chewing on Twi's castle wall
:rainbowlaugh: Rarity? Doc said I'm preggers ...You too?
:moustache: I'll just go shopping now , Lots of foal supplies for the castle you know ...bye
:facehoof: What's next
:flutterrage: Discord! Get back here mister! Right now!
:twilightoops: You three?

Fish calzones? I haven't found a way to cook fish that would work properly in that. Any suggestions?

Also, somehow expected a after-accident scene like in Futurama. Doctor looks over everyone, "Looks like you're all healthy save for some deep bruising. Oh, and Rainbow Dash is pregnant."

this was awsome i cant wait for the next one

Somewhere, there is a stallion who feels an ominous sense of foreboding.

Welcome to the club, I just got my story approved yesterday.

2 at once? I need to gamble right now!

"Absolutely nothing. Miss Dash is completely healthy, and what she is going through is completely normal for a pregnant mare."

Puuuh absolut healthy and normawaaaaaht?


"...and hopefully avoid the same mistakes you made." He explained in a very calm tone, then shrugged. "But as I said, that is what the responsible mares do, ....

Harsch... very harsch...

Pinkie bounced into the middle of the group of friends. "So, what do we do first??"

Good question ^^ i read the next chapter for Sure xD

"Goodbye dreams... Sniff.." She sang, guiding yet another spoonful of creamy pity to her mouth. Looking down at her stomach, she gently ran her hoof over it. "Enjoy the ice-cream, kid..."

Sighing, she leaned her head back, trying to clear her head. "You know.." She said after a few seconds of silence, speaking to her still growing foal like if it was actually there to listen. "This is going to be okay, right? I mean sure, I'm going to leave my dreams behind for a while, but, maybe I can join up after a year's time. Then you can join me on tour, sounds fun, right?"


"Shut up, you don't know how cool it would be to have the fastest flyer as a mom, and as a flank kicking Wonderbolt! Yeah, you would have the coolest mom in Equestria!" Rainbow declarers, trying to convince herself she had just made a great point. "You get to see me fly, the other Wonderbolts. Not to mention you get to see the world, kiddo.. You'll even learn how to fly from the best!" Looking down at her stomach again she smiled. "Sounds great, right?"


"I mean, sure, you would have to change schools a lot.." Rainbow continued, waving the spoon around as if to list off the more problematic things about that plan. "And that would make it hard to make friends, but you know, you can have pen pals, and that could-errghhhhhh...." Rainbow started to groan. "Noooo, that would suck.. And make me an uncool mom.." She didn't want her foal to grow up like that, moving from place to place all the time, never connecting with any real friends. Was it even a life she could imagine for herself as a little filly?


Her own parents had been there for her every step of the way, they had done everything they could to encourage her to pursue whatever dream she had. She wanted to do that for her foal as well, but it meant sacrificing her own dreams. Was that what it was to be a parent? What did her own mom sacrifice fo-

This... right there...absolutly beautiful writen!
Also can i hug her? I hate when others tear up..

"Any time." Fluttershy assured her. "How about you come down and have some tea with me tomorrow morning?"

Best... friend... ever... period!

Nice i really like the story ^^ why can i only give one thump up?

Phew... what a read. Definitely putting this baby in my fav and ticking that like!
Don't stop my fellow writer for I am very interested to see where this is going. :yay:

Poor Rainbow having a breakdown...:fluttercry:

I just want to say that this chapter feels more like a drama than a comedy in my opinion, but I'm tracking nonetheless because I'm hooked.

actually yes granted i'm not the best at it but basically you use the fish as a topping

this would be effed up if this story became like ren & stimpy. or THIS

*puts on even nerdier glasses*
Achtherly, equines don't have a gag reflex at all and can't throw up. That's why horses are very subsceptibly to ingested poisons.

*Puts on EVEN BIGGER nerd glasses and an awesome wizard hat.*

Real Ponies can't talk or get magic ass tattoos, fly, or use magic. But this is Equastria, so I am going to just say Magic, and do a hip shaking victory dance on top of the grave of science. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm still waiting for the comedy and romance parts to start. Up to now this has felt painfully serious and dramatic. Also kinda sad.

Can’t wait to see what happens next 💕💕



TWait... Horses Can't Vomit?
Sunset discovers that Earth horses can't vomit. This makes no sense to her.
PoisonClaw · 3.6k words  ·  1,306  34 · 24k views

Hoo boy, this is getting really good, I'm actually enjoying this!

I'm very interested by who is the father ?
Thunderlane ? He already have children experience so he can be a very good dad and Rumble a Big bro.

pfft mr. House in the house sorry dash but you have little people inside of you XD

"But as I said, that is what the responsible mares do, and as your doctor, that is the route I recommend you go with."

Okay uh idk what kinda doctor this is or what your agenda is but damn. This isn’t realistic and also unfairly blames mothers totally not ready for mothership. Which has been proven to have heavy detriment on mother and child. I don’t doubt a doctor COULD say this, but it’s unethical

Okay? I don't have an agenda, I just wanted to write an annoyed doctor.

A topping... That makes so much sense. I always think of just filling for things like that. Thanks!

:moustache: I rounded up the usual suspects
:rainbowderp: You got most of Cloudsdale and Ponyville in chains!
:moustache: and a few extra from other places too!
:twilightsmile: Great job Spike
:duck: Welcome to the Marey Ponich Show - Where we find out who's the father!
:facehoof: I was thinking something more private...
:raritystarry: But think of the ratings! "Mr... After testing with a 99.67% result says You are the father!" What do you think?
:moustache: Sounds good for me

I'm glad to see Rainbow's treating this seriously, despite how hard it is for her, and is keeping in consideration the foal-to-be's eventual wants/needs in all of this too, because that's just as important as Rainbow's side of things too. No doubt Rainbow will have a tough road ahead still before she gets this all figured out, and she may indeed have to shift some of her priorities in life...but I think in the end, she and the foal will both turn out all right. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I didn't want make Rainbow seem terrible and selfish. She has a very loving and supporting family, so I just couldn't see it happening she would be that selfish. Though of course, having trained for something for years, and suddenly see a life dream vanish is hard too, and her sudden shock must of course have rocked her world.

I love how Dash is talking to her Baby. She's gonna be an awesome Mama I just know it. Also, Tank is gonna be a big brother :D

Pinkie is amazing

I am glad you went this route.

i felt the emotion it really pierced through my chest good work cant wait for the other's >w<

I really, really, really hope the reveal of the Father is in some way funny. cause there has been some high points but not enough of them.

i definitely want to read more of this.

Dammit pinkie! :flutterrage:

The 4th wall breaks are a defining feature of Pinkie, but are handled especially well in this storu.

Thanks, you don't know how much that means, I was afraid the joke would miss its mark completely. XD

Not really used to do fourth wall breaks... :twilightsheepish:

Wellp, Pinkie was a bit overboard with the 4th wall breaks at the end, but I really loved her "What comedic timing!" quip. I'm happy this is turning a bit more into the comedy direction, but it still feels just like a slice of life episode from the show. And everyone is pretty much in character, even if slightly (SLIGHTLY Y'HEAR!) flanderized, very similar to the latter seasons of the show proper.

Press F in the chat for Rainbow

you're baiting us like fish, Danish

fourth wall break i like it >w< ill be supporting you always

"What comedic timing!" Pinkie giggled.

I bet pinkie has her hair in it... why her hair? It can things that are unnormal... xD

Pinkie gestured to the cake, and whispered a tiny. "Surprise~"

Hehehe ^^

Pinkie squealed. "Oh, oh! Flashback time! But It has to wait for the next chapter!"

"Next chapter? What do you mean Pinki-"

You blood genius! That Made me laught!

Best be ready to pay up child support Doodle! 🤑

4th wall breaks are hard to do well. In EqG, for instance, a lot of Pinkie's 4th wall breaks are used for exposition and become unfunny.

Do I hear wedding bells?

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