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Humans in Equestria? Naa, that's been done to death. What about Ponies in Equestria?

When a clever pony from the human world finds herself in the land of intelligent Equestrian ponies, how will she react?

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My only Submission to make it onto EqD, without even a fight. I was as shocked as anyone. It still holds a solid 4 star rating, from the outset. Sadly everyone, including me, was dissatisfied with the ending, so it never made 5 star. I plan to one day go back and redo the ending, but I just haven't found the time or motivation yet. Enjoy a little bit of Happy.

Read this one awhile back already and found it definitely worth my time.
You got a rather neat idea with the whole earth horse in equestria thing and characterized her well enough for the reader to feel for her, something rare these days.
Unfortunately, it´s alittle obvious that you had a lot of inspiration on the story but lost that muse towards the end.
All in all a decent and until now unique story and in my opinion recommendable.

Wow i remember reading this story a wile back on eq daily have to say i thought it sounded perfect i think it was close to one of the first ficts i
had read :twilightsheepish: still i think you could improve the ending of the story :)

That was a really good story, but the ending really felt rushed.

[SPOILERS BELOW :pinkiegasp:]

I feel the story would develop better if Buttercup got a chance to develop and grow into her new life naturally, rather than Celestia simply going "pew pew magic" and everything being fine.

Awww dat ending. Not fair.:fluttershbad::raritycry:

But everything else is awesome!:ajsmug::coolphoto::heart::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowkiss::rainbowwild::raritystarry::raritywink::scootangel::trixieshiftleft::twilightblush::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile::twistnerd::yay::moustache::eeyup::duck:

Nice mood whiplash at the end, there.

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Five stars for sheer originality. I believe this is the first fic of its kind. Helps that it's a fun read, too.

That ending.. I didn't see that coming..


She is a clever pony...
Yes I already read this on EqD, but I think this story is more then worth me posting a comment.
at least shes in a better place with a new life.
ah bittersweet endings how you play with my heartstrings so...

question though. Did she merely dead in our dimension or ...

I deliberately left it open ended, so the reader can decide... I tend to do that alot. :trollestia:

34772 damn you trollestia:raritycry:

It's amazing, simply amazing! The first of its kind, beautiful!

I think I understand what happened. Well, it sounded cooler in my mind, anyway.

The portal to the alternate dimension opened up, sending a lightning strike towards Buttercup. The lightning strike only took her spirit, sending the soul to Equestria. There, the soul has a certain amount of time to go back to Earth and continue on with her life but since she decided to stay, the portal closes. When it closes and there is no spirit in Buttercup's original body, the Earth Buttercup died due to "natural causes".

Well, that's my two cents.

Shit, I always loved the ending. Concise and heartwarming. I didn't want or need another 10,000 words of her adjusting to social norms and whatnot. Brevity is the soul of wit!

brilliantly well done man well done indeed, i loved reading every minute of it. it waa very very original.

Well, that ending was… dark.

40551 I'll go with that.

Man, that was... well-written. Sorry, not much else to say. Ending came outta nowhere, but it also makes sense.

Ahh, this one got me right in the feels. when I first read it. Faved and upvoted :raritystarry:

40551 That makes sense. KInd of like how a human ends up in Equestria from dying (which i find kind of a dumb way to get to equestria)

and eve nif it isn't equestria she's living a happy afterlive of some sort at least.

What a wonderful story and a great idea for one! Faved! :raritystarry:

Buttercup is indeed a very clever pony, and this is a good story.

Wow... I must admit that while I suspected an ending like the one this had (above all because I was already told there is a story out there with this idea, but did not realize that it's this one), it still managed to catch me by surprise. Amazing job! Only problem is the pacing and writing falls apart a little about two-thirds in, though I guess I could chalk that up to her being "with the angels"... :raritywink:

Though the ending was a bit rushed... :fluttercry: and dark... the story's wonderfully written and has got a nice premise.

Well done! :twilightsmile:

3909454 I have never been happy with the rushed ending, but have been unable to find the motivation to correct it.:pinkiesad2:

This makes a lot of sense to do this...... very original. :rainbowderp:

Humans in Equestria? Naa, that's been done to death. What about Ponies in Equestria?

It has been, a couple times.

4372577 Hah, yes it has been, since I wrote this. My idea was new back in the day. But then I wrote this years ago.


FYI it was just discovered by the Transformations group guy Starcat5, so people will think it's new for a while.

4384665 HAH! I guess everyone forgot that it was my only story to make it past the book-burning Nazis at EqD. :pinkiegasp:

Also, my least favorite story. I totally flubbed the ending. So what does that tell you about EqD's standards?


I was watching the latest stories feed for a while. Of all the approved fictions I've perused so far there, I have added 21 favorites, and disliked... 1,816. I kind of gave up at that point. :facehoof:

Rediscovered, actually. Several times over in fact. This is a fic that I keep loosing track of, and it was getting frustrating. Having seen how barren the Groups list was, I decided to add it to one I was a member of. ...and after a few hours, settled on "Transformations" as the closest I could find.


Suffice it to say, I was unaware of the "A Horse in Equestria" group at that time. Now it is in two groups I am a part of!


4428432 Wait there's a group now? The only other "Horse in Equestria" fic I ever seen was 2nd person, and I immediately ran away screaming.

Just can't tolerate any more voices telling me what I'm supposed to be doing...:pinkiecrazy:

Well I read it, and now I can't unread it.

It's actually a pretty cute story even with that ending. It kinda' goes like the movie Pan's Labyrith. Ipersonally think that Buttercup, even as clever as she was, should have taken more time to acclimate to expression by talking.

Now I'll have to poke around the rest of your stuff. :twilightsmile:

4799292 Yea, was never happy with the ending, and never got around to rewriting it. Some day...:pinkiesad2:

Very good story.
And I liked open ending.

2 times "alot" -> a lot

she is a very different pony from you and I.
- you and me.

5056477 You will see that alot in my writing. Just a warning. Alot and a lot are two different things in my vocabulary.

There is also allot to play with ;)

Anyway "alot" for me, can't unsee cudly alots everywhere:

One thing about this story was that I felt like Buttercup was too quick to accept Princess Celestias offer to be an Equestria pony. Since she loves the human foals, I figured she would want to return with them. I figured that she would rather go back to the world she was used to rather then stay in a unfamiliar one forever. I liked how you made her act like a normal pony ( flirting with Big Mac or doing her business out in the open). Overall nice story. :twilightsmile:

nice little story
(found it through Illya Leonov's reading)

My only complaint is that she was too quickly offered the orphanage position.
She'd need a lot more familiarity with how to act as an equestrian pony to be able to raise foals in equestria. A more realistic scenario would be to have her trained by the old headmistress of the orphanage until she thought Buttercup was ready to take over.

Aww.. horsey heaven!

Author Interviewer

I'm sorry it took me six years to read this. That was really something else! :D Please tell me there's a sequel.

That ending though. XD I assume this is a "Died and went to Equestria" scenario, and not Somewhere Only We Know?

8132940 Yes, Equestria is analogous to pony heaven. I have always been a fan of Twilight Zone endings, and I almost did an Owl Creek Bridge. I decided at the last moment to give her a warm fuzzy ending. I think she earned it. I will never be happy with the ending, though. After 2 months writing, I was burnt out and kinda rushed it to conclusion. It really should have been twice as long. Ciest la vie. :pinkiesad2:

I did however get the beginning of the idea from that other story. I can't even think about it without finding a way to calm myself afterwards...

My goodness, this one's nearly as old as my account. Still a good read, though. Kudos for not trying to crowbar in Fluttershy to ensure Buttercup got to meet all of the Mane Six. And thank you for a surprisingly nostalgic story.

Also, you called the template polymorph from the breezie episode years in advance. Nice one.

Well, that was refreshingly different! Some fun stuff in here, such as Rarity's horror at Earth horseshoes, as well as the little meta digs. A shame about the LUS, but still. Readers do need to note all the tags, though!

...well, this story definitely caught my attention. Still, I read it in rush ... so may be my 'conclusion' inaccurate...I simply dislike when humans say things from 'animal' perspective and make their live sounds ...good/happy. Humans forgiving themselves for doing shit ...because other (non-humans) supposed to ..sigh, 'love them anyway'. I simply can't stand this.. Yes, life of captive can have some bright moments, and moments of ...love, i think, yet too many excuses and too dark reality for continuing this way .....

Anyone that has ever seen a dog raised from a puppy will tell you, no matter how badly mistreated, that dog will still love you unconditionally. It's a sad and dark truth. Love is a two edged sword. Ask anyone that has a friend stuck in a toxic relationship, watching their friend suffer for their devotion.

I live with thrown-away (by someone else) dog, Grey, for ~10 years non-stop (modulo times when I actually travelled far south and tried to help save two captive dolphins, Delfa and Zeus, who died eventually... and this was 'wonderful' end to very long journey .... with many other mistreated/died captives).. May be in some future stories/talks [and in general in life] this line can be articulated ..better? I mean, it barely helps if you love dolphin (or horse, or dog, or human) yet allow others or yourself to do shit on them??

Try to understand this story, for example (and follow some names, if you can) - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ek1SmdcU7j_oa3IT_571e4QeBrT4SAOZ (should be pdf file named "SipmanSurfersPath9.pdf")

I have no love for humanity...:ajbemused:

The idea was that Buttercup was a kind soul, who loved everyone, even those that wronged her. She especially loved the children, no matter the species.

yeah, this children thing kind of (sweet) trap :/ I mean, IRL those dolphinariums often boost themselves as ...education, as well as child entertainment, teh 'dolphintherapy'... My friend Julian currently trying to collect himself for watching 'Flipper' movie from 1960s - and if you look up Ric O'Barry (who was corrupted by captivity industry mid-way...IMO) you will realize sweet family film about , ahem, 'friendship' was based on bloody violence toward dolphins IRL ..:/ AND this violence was completely unneeded, because you don't need capture dolphin for becoming his friend (oopsie, disregard horseriding vid, for some reason even my best dolphin friends not as ..universal in their understanding of wrongs as ..I hope they should be! ) ... There are many lesser-known dolphin stories, and I assume there are many true horse/pony stories to be guided by ...

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B84cgTVGGfZaNGMzNzMxODctNDNiZi00NTY0LTg2ZjUtOWUxNTM4YjA1NjZm/view?usp=sharing - hopefully right link (my little copypasta from old group).

I developed some serious interest in horseworld exactly because horse exploitation (from human first-feeling perspective) was so much alike doolphin/cetacea exploitation issue I was faced with ...... yet, actually dealing differently with horses requre a lot of effort, in self-understanding, and self-changing, but also (it seems) in creating another type of human social atmosphere around... and not like I can detect enough concentration of humans who can attempt this.. Horse Revolution (not in bloody way of confrontation with 'wrong humans', but in the way of becoming capable of true relations with horses..or other non-humans) for real ....

I'm 98% sure I read this story on eqd back in the day, good to see it again nearly a decade later.

Yep, only story to make it past their Nazi standards and their hatred of anything i Submit. I have since given up caring.:ajbemused:

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