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The chance that someone shares the same fucked up mind, same perversion, and same interests as me is so rare, that I'm actually using the internet to talk to the other people as desperate as me. - M



Standard Convo With Grandma · 6:17pm Oct 4th, 2015

"I don't judge people for the choices they make unless they hurt somebody."

Yeah, but the thing is Granny, it's not a fucking choice! They were born that way and cannot change that part of themselves no matter what! See the difference?

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I live in Howard County, Maryland. I am a girl, Muslim, and a mix of African-American and Caucasian. My mom and dad can both speak fluent french and spanish. I have 5 other siblings, 1 sister and 4 brothers, 2 older brothers, 2 younger brothers, 1 younger sister. I see myself as a Jill of all trades, a.k.a. the female term of Jack of all trades. I can ice skate, draw, sing, dance, jump rope, roller skate, and speak little spanish. I have enjoyed MLP since G 3.5. That is really all I have to say, but I will add more in the future.

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2054345 How've you been in your time back?

2054338 I see...well...that's good to know.

2047209 I've been pretty good. Just watched the season finale this morning. Haven't been on as much since the site has been given me undesired emotions, but overall. Everything's been well.

2025927 guess who the f*ck is back? Star here of Fairytail...! Just kidding. :rainbowlaugh:How ya been girl? Its been awhile...

2025669 I've been sick since Friday and I've been writing everyday even when I don't want to. Not yelling is really hard not to do. But, it's not that bad not to.

2025551 ah, well at least I can agree with the eyedrop thing :rainbowwild: also just a thought for you to consider maybe you DONT SHOUT AT ME that would be great



2024740 what the hell did you do, did you let someone fart on you? :rainbowlaugh:

2024630 And now I have it in my other eye to now.

So that sucks.

2024143 oh nuuuuuuu :pinkiegasp: I hope ya get better :twilightsmile:

2024090 Pretty nice. I've been sick since Friday though, and I woke up with pink eye.

2024056 I thought you'd like it :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild: so how have ya been

2022699 Shouldn't've watched this with a headache but worth it.

2015100 So this is what I log on to see when I come back from hiatus.

Bless your ass.

1932638 All right. After looking up a few things about Rin (Search by Image is really nice-put in a picture, got the name of the character back out) I have come to my own conclusions-among them being an amount of curiosity about exactly how iDOLM@STERS works.

1931315 I have long brown hair, but it's a lighter shade that looks like a very, very, dirty blonde. It's a mix of wavy and curly. And I have turquoise blue eyes. I also hate coffee, so the coffee cup is certainly not representative of my tastes in drinks, but rather my habit of staying up really late. Watching videos, writing, drawing, or simply just listening to music. I'm not really that skinny, but a bit thicker. I'm certainly not fat, but I don't have a flat stomach. I'm perfectly fine with this. I'm just as pale, but I am slightly tanned in some areas. Which is strange considering I'm always inside. But I guess it has to do with the fact that I'm majorly of black decent. And I inherited my mothers paleness, and she is mixed herself as well.

So the avatar is just a few characteristics of mine, but still not exactly ME me.

1930301 Also, umm... just a question, but, how much do you look like your profile picture? Just something I find myself wondering.

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