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Drake is better than Tupac

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Nigga, I got cash money and swag what do yous got? Lol who needs your intelligence and shiz when I got swag. Little shit, I'll diss your ass off of dis planet whitout using a single proper rhyme.

Thank wayne nigga rhymes wit nigga or dis rap shit would be hard. Drake is hands down best rapper, but because Drake says so, Lil Wayne is better so I guess Lil wayne should be best poet. Follow me if you want quality swag and marijuana in your update box weekly. May cash and swag flow thru your veins errday allday. PM me if #1 you want bling #2 you want me to ship you some hoes (lol not romancing wtf) or #3 you wanna sell me the new Carter Album, which I'd gladly buy off of you for any price from one big booty hoe to Nicki Minaj. Oh yeah, and if you have an inspirational drake quote or have a sick Lil Wayne song to recommend or some Wayne lyrics which are so overly philosophical but obscure that you'd think I had missed it do PM me that shit.

Young Money swag, please swag me when you swag your swag and young money.

Gs silent like lasagna.

Before I dive into dat puss.

I just think it's funny how it goes.

My motto.

Clubbing hard, fucking women...

My jam, and Wayne's jam too.

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Some things I notice + some ideas. · 3:40am Jul 11th, 2015

Alright, I posted a link to the Rage Reviews group linking to my previous blog post under the following name: Blog Post: Best Fiction Writer in the entire site laying down the hard truth regarding the featured box. It was utterly fucking disappointing that in the span of 12 fucking picoseconds that it was deleted by the shitstain moderators of the group, they are UTTERLY FUCKING DOGSHIT, who can't stand the truth at all, aight. They probably suck on the smegma underneath the fucking ancient and

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1891439 Ha! Nope, but him and me go way back. Not sure what he's doing now though.

Is it a walrus?

who is the main account?:duck:

1891358 I kinda am. But I outgrew my main account, since I felt that it was too bland.

I have a feeling you may be an alt account...

...but maybe not...

1891343 I got "pets" in my dungeon too. Which I exploit frequently.

looks like i got beat:pinkiegasp:

well, at least i still have my pets in the dungeon

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