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I am a tuxedo spirit that travels though time to beat up stuff for my master, Armok. As I have no hands, my drawings are horrible, but my writing is decent. Enjoy.


List of People that are helping me and their whereabouts! · 12:41am Oct 20th, 2013

Current People Who are Kind enough to assist me in writing!
(N/A) I am alone.
Some Guy!
Current People Willing to Help in any way!
MaggyMss—Nice and helpful artist who said she may accept something considering art, and I hope that she begins her own stories in any way!

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What I feel like when I get a follower.

"Come on, kiddies!"

Hello and Welcome To My Userpage!

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Thanks for favoring Twilight's World.

Hiya! Sorry to bother you, but rankings for our Contest are finally up!!!!!!
Please go here see what you received. Clickity
Thank you so much for entering!!!!!! We loved your story!

1314570 I found you to be funny, and I would like to know more about you ☺

Thank for the follow. Might I ask why?:twilightsmile:

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