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Aerospace Engineer that sacrificed his writing for education. Worth it, but I want to continue writing again! Da pacem domine.


King Thorax the kind king, the Beautiful One, the Savior, the Hero of the Badlands, and the warrior-bard of Changelings has passed suspiciously in the night. In the wake of this chaos, an influential group of Changeling Supremacists claim began their ultimate scheme to bring their species to the top of the world. The harmonic world brought by so many decades of diplomacy will soon have to face the greatest secret war they have ever fought. One so secret, they themselves do not know they are fighting it.

This will be a fic mostly about spies vs spies vs spies, mental manipulation, psychic wars, and political schemes. They will be E-rated, as the world of MLP is generally very kind, but the Changelings are Changelings.
Have a great time reading!

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Honestly, age ratings are confusing. Kid books have included many gruesome deaths, even malicious deaths. Conspiracies, too.
However, I will take your comment to heart and shift the story to T rating.

Oh I’m fine with the E rating. I’m just amused when a writer tries to justify brainwashing.

Oh :rainbowlaugh:
Yeah, I'll keep the E rating, though.

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