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Third Person(Pony?) Point Of View Licensing Group.
Joining gives you the distinct privilege and responsibility of being able to speak in the third person in casual conversation.

Any and all decently (Or better) written third person stories can be posted here, second and especially first person stories do not belong.

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I joined because I am adamant that Third Person (usually limited) is the strongest POV for telling a story. I may or may not join in the Third Person speaking thing, though. That's liable just to get silly (which is ok sometimes).

So he's supposed to speak in third person here?

That must get confusing.

hey, he follow this group now

you mean you

Yes him

no you

is that what he say say, him

headache in coming

The Crossover Master here, soon to add his written works of meeting of universes!

Thank you for joining Timemaster. :pinkiehappy:

301498 The Timemaster shall aid in your quest to show the ingrates of the world that, indeed, third-person speak is the only true way of speaking! First-person is only for displaying weakness, which Timemaster does on accident a few times...

Anyways, even with Timemaster's few flaws, I shall see it I can assist Trixie's group in any way possible!:moustache:

301498 Market see's the problem... IT NEEDS TO BE BIGGER!:pinkiecrazy:

But, Trixie put a two hundred foot banner outside of Trixie's home!

... In the middle of a forest.

... In the middle of nowhere.

301391 It all depends on how Trixie advertises. Market thinks Trixie is not trying hard enough!:moustache:

Behold! A Group!

... Sure is lonely in here. :pinkiesad2:

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