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The only bad writers are the ones who no longer feel the need to write, badly.

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(Last update: 10/21/15)

Incursion (Formally known as The Astralverse: Act I)

Scene II: (Not) of her own design.

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Feathers beaks and the sick laughter of Murphy:

The third chortle: The third chortle: Wherein a human gets clean. And then dies:

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The Last Knight:

The first stanza: (Chapter title to come)

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Enter: Chapter three! · 5:26am Oct 22nd, 2015

Sorry again for the delay folks, Feathers, Beaks, and the Sick Laughter of Murphy has another chapter up.

And I'm now editing the crap out of chapter two.

I'll see you all real soon.

I see you!

Why are you here? What do you want? Here, entertain yourself with this!

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Also... your avatar, dragons by Ciruelo. I'm a huge fan of him. I actually have a poster of that White dragon image :eeyup:

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