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AKA: The group where you can look at deleted comments.
This group is where everyone can talk about how they were blocked, poke fun the new FeilxDawns, and just generally chat about Being Deleted and Blocked.

(Okay I wanna put this on the front page of the group real quick, the entire group is pretty much a joke, and if you want your story removed from it you're free to send a PM to me about it.)

Credit to the group Plan 9 from Equestria because without them, the idea for this group never would've appeared.

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I think there was one guy who simply didn't like me. Whenever I tried to explain my reasons for disliking a story his hired moderator deleted my comment (s). They even once commented that the people who give dislikes to their stories never give any explanation to them. Guess what happened when I was invited into their group by the third party. I didn't know what I was expecting, but I hoped I could have at least stay invisible. That moderator found me there and blocked me.

Comment posted by annonymus deleted Apr 5th, 2018
Comment posted by annonymus deleted Apr 5th, 2018

ooh, getting feisty, eh? It's not like you censored all criticism, refuse to grow as a writer, and yell "BLAH BLAH BLAH MY STORY IS AMAZING BLAH BLAH BLAH". Oh, and then saying "Friendship means showering your friends with praise and never criticizing them." Funny thing is, I am not a communist. I lived under the USSR, and for you to assume that is actually very, very offensive.

Oh, you delete comments and leave group... again?

Comment posted by annonymus deleted Apr 5th, 2018

Its funny, I only deleted one comment because it was a troll.
I don't really care about it being in this group, but i just wanted to say that

Got kicked from one group that I now don't want anything to do with, good riddance. Long story short, we broke up.

I guess there was another time when I accidentally broke a rule in a different group. They unblocked me after 24 hours.

I now fit the criteria for this club and I don't have a singular clue why it happened.

370114 you forgot
>using ponified words

Once upon a time...RealutyCheck is a cunt.

The end.

375887 Oh no you were right I was rude to you. I should have been asking why my story was a bad choice. I feel bad about it.

I took the story down because I was bored writing it.

Sauron #37 · Sep 17th, 2014 · · 1 ·

"Poor Communication Skills?"
Uh... NO. The way I remember it was me saying


and you blocking me and reporting me. Then you said:

Hey listen:
I know you don't like my story and I am sorry that you feel that way. Unfortunately you need to be careful because what may be innocent to you may be hurtful to others. If you can't say something nice or helpful don't say anything at all. Besides maybe you're jealous of my ideas because you don't know how to come up with something creative.
Just so you know I reported you.

If you can't give me and constructive criticism then you can't post on here anymore.
If you want to be a writer then you better learn how to respect where others are coming from and not insult them. This type of thing is very immature.

And I had my good friend say for me:

The irony. You say to respect others, then report and call me immature.
You didn't even allow me to give constructive criticism. You just reported me before I could respond. It's clear you don't actually care for my opinion.
As for your idea that I am "jealous of your ideas because I don't know how to come up with something creative":
1. Take a look at my stories: I wrote two of them within the last two weeks. Clearly I can come up with something creative.
2. I'm not jealous of you. I'm quite happy with how my stories are doing.
3. This is my personal opinion, but it's shared by many others on this site: Self-insertions are not creative. If you want me to give you a logical reason why, PM me.
And I can give constructive criticism. You are (congratulations) the first writer to report me.
90% of authors I have negatively commented on have listened to my criticism, and have tried to improve. You fall under the 10% who either ignore me, delete comments, or in your case, report me.

And then you deleted his comment.

Because the people who were trying to communicate with you got Blocked and Deleted.

375506 My story is all about a human that becomes Memory Mane. Like yours she isn't a pony yet and I have been trying to get there

375503 So do I, but that's because my OC actually is one. The story in which she joins isn't written yet, but I'm trying to write this story.

375501 Yep. I feel like a cutie mark crucader trying to write my story.

375497 Sheithbethtponywithlithp! :twistnerd: Trytoreadthith! Everythententheithoneword. Thoundthprettyharddontit?

375492 I love Twist.

371072 Where did you dig that video up? That guy...:rainbowlaugh:

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