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This is a group dedicated to finding the best of the worst stories out there. The ones that make you facepalm at the sheer badness of them but at the same time you are drawn to them like a train wreck.

Our views are not to mock, but to celebrate. Like the guilty pleasures of watching a bad movie, so should come the desire to read a bad story every once in a while.

Umachan has left no one in control of the original Plan 9. It will soon devolve into a cesspool. This is to carry on our original mission.

Admin KaBar: If you want your goddamn story removed, read this fucking screenshot.

From this point on, I'm not removing any story from this group unless it doesn't fit the basic guidelines. Or if I think it belongs in this group, I will add it.

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I think it's realy a matter of wording. Calling these stories "cult classics" has a nicer conotation than the "best of the worst" as the group description says. Now that however long has past since my original comment on here, I realise that I was acting prematurely. I honestly should be glad for the attention my story is recieving because (hopefully) people who find it through this group will form their own opinions rather than just accepting it as the group labels it as one of the "best of the worst."

I would like to suggest a cult classic for this group, Fallout Equestria: Our Story. A little background on this train wreck of styles, a while back, I created a thread in which we were doing a pass the paragraph game. The game eventually got shut down. For laughs really, I compiled the entire story and made it into a legible story. It somehow got passed through moderation and is now, well, out there.

It's not mockery, it's hmmm. What's the work? It's not to mock but to simply put cult classics in one place.


Hell if I know.

Umachan left FIMFic because he had a job that required his utmost attention, he left the original Plan 9 to rot because he locked the membership button and demoted every admin.

Question: where are the old members of the original plan 9 from Equestria?

381606 I forgot how to do pm's and I did ask nicely.

I'm just barely figuring out that my story was featured here, THANK YOU! It means alot to me to know that my story is recognized by some people, having my story put here without me knowing makes me happier then pinkie!

380620 though I don't support this group, I must say you could of sent a pm to the group admins and asked them to remove it nicely.... just saying.

I understand that you have done nothing wrong according to the rules of the site but I would very much appreciate it if you would remove my story "What You Don't Know" from this group. Though you have broken no rules, it is a common courtesy to ask a person prior to placing their content in what (though stated otherwise) appears to be a mocking group. I also find it unfair that you have placed judgement on a piece of work that is still in progress and have not given me a chance to complete it. Furthermore, I believe that a healthy alternative to this "not-mocking" group would be to post a comment on the story explaining your opinion as to why you think it was bad raher than just placing it in this group without telling the author (me) and calling it bad. This is basically telling me that all the time I put into writing my story was wasted because it is a "bad" story. Please take into consideration the opinions of the authors before you place a story here. Some stories are made to be bad and the author probably wouldn't care if it was here. But other stories (like my own) are written to be good and while I appreciate constructive criticism, I do not like people like you simply calling my story bad without even giving me a reason. Given these points, I would be grateful if you would please remove my story "What You Don't Know" from this group. Thank you.

Coming from me, it was indeed a lame attempt at a pun. No getting that past you. By now, I am quite sure you know my word skills are hardly reliable. Not that I like that fact, much myself. I live with it. Even if it dose piss others off to no end. And it dose. Some of your responses, case in point.
One thing that bothers me. Where did DE_K's name in comments go? I wonder if he pulled it himself, or if he did piss of a mod? To bad, I thought some of those comments where funny. Even if it was a serious jab at me. I did know that is in part what this page was about. To give an opinion on a story or a writer's possible lack of skills in the art of word weaving. I know I lack in such skills, and don't expect special treatment, or anyone to like me, most of all here. You don't seem to pull any punches, and you didn't get the ax. If you did I would not see why, not on this page anyway. So I might be missing something, and maybe as usual I might be reading into the situation wrong, as you know, I do that. He might have indeed left this group himself. Don't know. Just one of those mysteries in life.

At least you seem to have come around to the truth of the matter but something still bothers me...

The prof is in the putting

Please tell me that's a lame attempt at a pun. I'd hate to think that you couldn't get a simple idiom like "the proof is in the pudding" meaning, quite simply, that if you want to know if the pudding is good you need to taste it.

Hell, I know I haven't been treated poorly here. :rainbowlaugh:

All seriousness, Mine was add quickly as well. However in that time, it has not shown to be a big hit anyway. Not that I thought it would. I put both my stories together each in about 2-3 hours, over the weekend. I know I am not a literary scholar. The prof is in the putting, and I have not put out anything to prove otherwise.

I just put out what I thought was personally amusing. I leave it to others to judge what they think of them after. If it is seen as a bomb, oh well. One can only try to make any others better, if pleasing as many as one can, is in ones own plan. As for me, I have no such big plans.
If my stories end up here, so be it. :derpytongue2:

You are so taking to the wrong group. :derpytongue2:


I deleted it so I could rework it but don't wory you can read my new story when I publish it and I been working on it while beating up writer block

I was excited to read it, then I learned it was deleted. :fluttershysad:

Comment posted by thecakeisabiglie deleted Sep 13th, 2014

Hey guys, I've joined a long time ago but have not posted anything then. So, first post..yay....?

Why the fuck did it take me so long to locate this. :twilightangry2:

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