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I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. What that explanation is? I don't know, but I'm sure there is one.


In post war Equestria, many things are not known. Paranoia is not one of those unknown things, and in Stable 54, one mare knows that better then any other. Violet Heart was a babysitter, but due to some amazing circumstances and a few Deus Ex Machinas, has engineered her own exile from Stable 54.

Our story was a Pass the Paragraph game. Because of reasons we are no long able to continue the story. But our wild and a bit all over the place story is still here, I'm just compiling what was written and did some edits to make it more readable.
The writers include: OozeLock, DJ_Neon_Lights, cookiechip, The Infinity Doctor, The Wadapan, ChurchNW, Boop007, sophos, TundraStanza, Silver Lighnen, Zytharros, Black Spring, Sketch Notes, SoothingCoffee and Paddle Steamer, who only made one post and it was not story related.
So, dear reader, enjoy.

Chapters (2)
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Not even a day old and its already cancelled, thats just sad

Roleplay is not allowed on fimfiction which I guess this qualified as, regardless, I can not unlock the thread to continue the story. Sorry.

5911392 Who said I was complaining, just stating the obvious.

*And then silence as I wait for the information to process.*
Good point.

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