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Just your average author, who diddles and doddles and doesn't really bother until he realizes how annoying it must be for other people. Don't worry, he still gets stuff done, he's just really slow.


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Who would've thought I would say I'm back, only to immediately disappear after saying that? No one? Well shit, that might've just been me then. Well it's quite obvious that nothings going anywhere anytime soon, so might as well say it: YEET ME INTO THE ABYSS. No one will see this so I'm allowed to be absurd in my random murmurs and mumbles, so flip your chickens and buckle in, we're gonna change that! Probably not but let's do it!

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The Box

Hello, and welcome to my page! I'm just your average author, but I wouldn't mind talking to any of you guys in the comments of my stories, page, or any PMs. I'm usually late to respond, as my timing is usually off because of my terrible balance of things that I choose to do, or I can't find a way to respond, AKA I'm bad at talking at times. Moving on down this box, you will learn some basics about me and how stories go. If you've made it this far that is, which if you did, hi hope you're having a good day.

Just some stuff about me:
Nice, thoughtful, but very forgetful. I'm terribly addicted to games, but I call it a commitment. Probably way in over my head, but I usually gets things right after a while of flailing about. Also, really loves to talk. And talk. And talk. But only when I can think of a good response, so if I just stop responding then that means I just don't know how to word a response or I just completely spaced out and it's not your fault.

I'm just some dude on the internet, gender of male for those curious and for those who might ask (doubt anyone will really). Not tall nor short, just somewhere in the middle. Hates the outside world mostly, and is usually holed up in a house or basement. Pale as snow from lack of sunlight, and dull as a wooden knife when it comes to most things.

Still here? Consider me surprised, thanks for reading all this stuff.

My stories are usually quite bad, but I do my best either way. Well, bad in my eyes after the first few chapters, because I've usually learned a thing or two by then, which makes me feel like I was just dumb. But hey, I tend to smooth them out as I go, and I normally just make up the stories as I go through them as an attempt at presenting what I think would happen without much more thought (with major plot points mapped out so there's actually backbone to the story). Also, I take a long time to make stories, mostly because I have too many good ideas that come along and I swamp myself with different projects, or I start thinking that an idea is just really bad after a while. For example, I tried making a story about a clown who comes to Equestria through a god damn pie just to slap all the ponies. It was great for the first half hour :D

Oh yeah, I do use foul language for those that don't like it, for those that don't mind, you probably won't notice.

Anyways, I've run out of stuff to put here, since I'm not a very interesting fellow, or I've just forgotten anything even remotely interesting. There will probably be more. Later. In a year maybe. Depends on if something interesting happens that is worthy to scribble down.

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Thank you for adding, The True Nightmare: Replication, to your favorite list! :yay:

Thank you for faving Of Flame and Shadow.:twilightsmile:

2191240 Thank you for being the brilliant author creating it:twilightsmile:

Thank you for adding, The True Nightmare: Epitaph, to your list of favorite stories! :twilightsmile: I hope you enjoy the second sequel! :raritywink:

1965895 Yeah, the new school I'm in blocks all internet access :P

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