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Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Trolldom kingdom! We make fun of shitty fanfics, but not as hate, but pure fun!

Here are the list of our admins/knights:

Co-Kings: General Skullcoat and The Guardian

Court Jester: The Horn-burgler

Commander: ShadowblazeCR

Advisor: DE_K


No spamming our picked shitty stories. This is not for pure rudeness, this is just some lighthearted trollness.

ONLY post stories if you are a rank of the group or Co-Kings. (There is a folder for requests from peasants)

ONLY pick stories with 5 or more dislikes OR more dislikes than likes

The people that don't have ranks in the description are peasents. If you would like to be a rank, message me or Skullcoat.

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MineTurtle says...

No, I think it was bad, but it is successful. I'm also pretty sure a lot of people here think it is good. So at best, it could be a "bad ideas that worked".

Back again. Is there any chance that the third Cards Fic is in here? I'm pretty sure a lot of us (including myself) think that one is extremely overrated and is a bad story.

381689 Welp, I see those changes I mentioned haven't happened...


381511 This group was created for those fics that are just so bad, you'd prefer to bash your own brains in with a hammer over reading them. Some of the fics added are legitemetly good, just recieved a whole bunch of negative attention. The rule about 'at least 5 dislikes' should be changed, coz It pretty juch applies to ecery fic in this site.

Huh, 62 members...
Our cult if idiots and trolls has grown, I feel so proud! :fluttercry: Come to momma! let me hug you!

Also guys, someone needs to go through the folders to check that whatever's there, should actually be there.

How an Actual Human vs Pony War Would Go (A story I personally dislike for being inaccurate in terms of military equipment, and also being a terrible story summed up as "Humans are Better than Ponies") is in the "This is really fucking good" folder, the "Bad ideas that worked" folder, and the "You've made a grave mistake" folder. How?
That story shouldn't be in any of them, really. It's a pretty successful story that's mediocre.

Hey guys? You should clean up your "This is really fucking good!" folder. There are entries in it that don't follow the dislike ratio guideline.


I deleted it, i gave the guy a while to move it. But sense he didn't I deleted it and moved it here.


Send me the thread. I'll take a look

Men, I've found a story that I would like our finest to take a look at.

Should you not be doing something constructive with your lives, such as things that are not of this shallow internet? When I was the age of most of you, I had already fought in a war! That is something to be proud of. But you are fat, cushy little bastards whose motivation is getting fatter. Pardon my language that is.

Thread posted by nodamnbrakes. Not removed for four days, now posted here.

How goes the great crusade? :pinkiecrazy:


We don't use that anymore. Matter of fact, I might delete and replace with "THIS IS BAAAAAD"


"We must attack these fanfics"? Are you people serious?

How about no. Groups specifically attacking stories aren't going to be tolerated. Even Train Wreck Explorers was more subtle about it than this.

Can you quote/link where that rule is. I can't find it anwhere in the rules (though it makes perfect sense, because a person with alts could use multiple likes or dislikes to influence a story).

Almost a moot point, since the mods can do whatever they want, but can you prove that's an alt?


Must report for alt.

Sorry but I have to. Rules.

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