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Ten years today. · 11:34pm Jan 10th, 2022

According to the info blurb beside my name, this is the ten-year anniversary of this account. And to think, this all started with me doing self-insert riffs on bad MLP fiction. And now I've got two finished stories under my belt, a crossover atrophying in a forgotten corner, and two other projects completely pony-unrelated I've finally put some words down for*. And also the last vestiges of my involvement in riffing have more or less dried up, leaving me with not much to post about aside from a

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What I’m currently guessing is that he tried namesearching himself, found our Redux announcement post where we briefly mentioned him, and the vagueness of the “Rotten Recursion” description got him to click on it.

If he actually managed to send you one of the Part Two links instead, though, then I’d be legitimately amazed. Not that they’re especially difficult to find or anything, it’s just not something that I’d ever have expected him to stumble upon.

Let me know what you track down.


Knowing Mykan and how he's utterly convinced his haters are one large conspiratorial organization? I'd say yes.

I'll see what I can do about that.


Hah, seriously? Now I’m wondering how the hell he even found it to begin with, was he just randomly reading our riffs or something? I’d love to see whatever he sent you guys if you still have it, since that sounds ridiculous.


Apparently Mykan found it; he was trying to use it as what can only be described as "blackmail", if that's the correct term for it, against Tom and the rest of us.

It's as stupid as it sounds.

  • Viewing 451 - 455 of 455
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