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F/F/T3K15 12/8: More of that one thing. · 6:55am Saturday

Last week's Christmas special is all set. Enjoy.

This week continues our current multi-parter. Y'know, the one that WASN'T Mykan.

Fan/fic/ Theater 3015

Now on TV Tropes!


The Chrysalis Saga

Stuff That ISN'T Riffing

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2529983 Hm. Well, normally I don't chomp at the bit to co-write for someone I'm not close to, but... hell, I'm down for more Digimon.

We can talk more in PM's, see if we can work something out.

When I checked out your "Digital Harmony" story and I'm actually working on a digimon crossover story myself.

2529893 I won't say I'm inherently disinterested. I've done it in the past.

Do you by any chance co-write?

happy birthday!

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