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F/F/T3K15 1/15: A boombox is not a toy. · 7:11am Last Tuesday

Well, part four of the thing's done. Here's the recap of part three, and the one for part four should be ready by next week.

This week... well, you made your voices heard. This is the Mystery Jukebox Shuffle.

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i couldn2550844
I'm creatively overclocked at the moment, between finally working on "Digital Harmony" again, helping my new co-writer of said fic with his own Digimon fic, and finalizing the first branch of a Pokemon Tabletop United campaign I'm GM'ing. I also don't know if I have the patience to adapt Chrysalis into season three and beyond, especially not with season six's completely story-destroying expansion on the changeling race.

Besides, I think Redemption ended on a fairly closed-book note, apart from the allusion to the Crystal Empire. I question the necessity of a sequel, especially this much later.

Sequel to Redemption of Chrysalis? I would love to see your take on the seasons after... although the stuff involving Thorax and Pharynx will definitely be different

2529983 Hm. Well, normally I don't chomp at the bit to co-write for someone I'm not close to, but... hell, I'm down for more Digimon.

We can talk more in PM's, see if we can work something out.

When I checked out your "Digital Harmony" story and I'm actually working on a digimon crossover story myself.

2529893 I won't say I'm inherently disinterested. I've done it in the past.

  • Viewing 447 - 451 of 451
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