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An enigma as vexing as life itself.


In an alternate Equestria where technology thrives, Twilight attempts to recreate the Crystal Palace's mirror portal using the most powerful supercomputer her royal stature can buy. It seems she succeeds, but the world she and her friends find on the other side is one they don't expect and can't imagine. And there are six small creatures waiting for them, knowing them by name and claiming they've waited their entire lives to see them.

But when a dark force takes hold and old enemies join with new ones, the girls learn that they were called to this world for a purpose... and that the Elements of Harmony alone might not be enough to stop what's been put in motion.

Collab with a handful of other authors, who I thank for their help and support.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 110 )

Welp. This is a rare thing. I find myself liking a crossover with something i've no idea about. Nicely done.


“I have friends on the other side,”

Is that a Dr. Facilier reference I spy? :ajsmug:

Funnily enough, I saw a digimon symbol used on a new story a few weeks ago that had nothing to do with digimon. It made me want digimon nonetheless, so I ended up watching all of Adventure 1 & 2 over again.

I'd been hoping for a good new crossover to start since.

This was fun, I'm really looking forward to the rest.

Kind of wish you'd had Spike go through as well, if only to have the seven. Throw Sweetie Belle in later as an eighth and you have it all set up for the horrible sequel with Spike, the Crusaders and Pip.



Digimon and ponies.

Ponies and Digimon.

Why has no one done this?




Fallen, I swear to God, if you pull this off, it will be incredible.

Oh yeah. This is going to be fun. Totally adding to my faves and getting email updates.

Actually, there's another crossover fic with the same name:

Really liking the way this is going. Although it might get confusing now that I have two stories in my favorites titled Digital Harmony.
It has been done with the other Digital Harmony. It's pretty good.

3143389 3143440

Well... ain't that a thing? Confusion galore, bubs.

faved immediately and waiting for moar!!!

3143389 3143440 Yeah, I see that now. Wasn't aware of it when I picked the title for my own story. That might be grounds for changing it, but I'd need to figure out what to change it to. It's still early, though, and I'm plenty flexible. Have any ideas yourselves?

I took a quick look at the description to the senior story. It goes in a way different direction than I planned to. Zennistrad's story seems to be more of a straightforward crossover with Adventure 02, and I think the ponies turn into original Digimon? I say this based on one of his blogs and the fact that there's no actual Vespimon.

It's actually a big relief that the only other Digimon crossover I know of on the site is so different from what mine is slated to be. I guess people who are tracking the other one can have a new sort of story to tide them over while the old one's on hiatus.

* eyes roll out of head*

Soooo... Which digimon is this a crossover with?

3146139 Digimon in general. Most elements are being borrowed from Adventure (namely, the initial setting) and Adventure 02 (elements of the plot structure), with a scattered handful of things coming from Tamers. However, the Digimon partners were more or less tailored to compliment the ponies, with no strict regard for series of origin. Hell, only three of them were ever partner Digimon in any of the main series.

Actually, I think I should make a blog post at some point expanding on a few things once I get a few more chapters out.

3146543 which one was tamers? The one where digidestined could fuse with their digimon or the one where they became the digimon?

3147162 The former. I would've known it as the one that started in the real world. I'm not using the fusion element, since a few major plot points would be ruined by it.

Man, I haven't watched digimon in a loooooong time. I think I'll watch this. I'm interested in where it goes.:twilightsmile:

3147524 So did I. LOVED it. The other one, Frontier... I'm having a harder time trying to sit down and watch it. Coming off of Tamers, it doesn't even compare.

I didn't ask for this.

But I will accept it anyways. Will read later tonight.

3148076 This was pointed out to me twice before. I wasn't aware of your story before naming mine, it wasn't my intention to steal any of your thunder, and I'm still trying to think of a suitable name to replace it with.

If you have any name suggestions yourself, I'd be genuinely appreciative.


S'allright. I'm currently commissioning a new artist for the Mane 6 Digimon forms, so it'll be a while before I start updating again.

In the mean time, I look forward to seeing what you do with this.

Hmm... I wonder who Twilight's partner is.

Personally, I think her partner should be either Tentomon or Falcomon.

3148344 Season four. The one where the people ARE the Digimon. Interesting concept, but the delivery is kind of grating.

3148393 ah. That one is good. But it doesn't hold much interest early on, but once the ones that are essentially their opposites show up, it's really awesome.

3148468 No, I'm past the evil spirits' introductions. Grumblemon announced them all through a hamfisted infodump. Made me sad. That, and Arbormon's little PSA asides got old fast. But I'm still fighting through for completion's sake (and in the hopes that Savers/Data Squad will be much better, and if that's not, I KNOW Xros Wars was), so unless it frustrates me to the point of ragequitting, I'll see it to the end.

At this point, I'm hoping the bigger villains make it worth it. Duskmon, Cherubimon, Lucemon... I'll call it a win if either one entertains me more than the characters before.

3149759 lucemon is worth it. One of the best big bads in my opinion.

3150105 I hope so. Just hit Duskmon earlier, and the show's already improved exponentially.

3150262 I like lucemon's concep. He's one of the seven.

3150388 Believe me, I'm very familiar with the Seven Great Demon Lords. I kind of had to be.

3152320 ...what? No, I'm not foreshadowing anything. What are you talking about?

3152364 hmmmmm... There's no possible way this isn't legit. You are the author after all!

3183231 ...holy shit, you actually guessed it. I wish I had an award to give you.

Can you even make a bad story? i love all of your stories!

3183283 I think "fuzzy" ruled out Yaamon. But, uh... you may have predicted the future a bit.

3184666 No, not one of the mane six. I refuse to say anything more, other than that I have pretty big plans for Impmon's character arc.

So a mix of all seasons and MLP? Interesting...

oh crap... wait before that, a personal opinion, If the companion of applejack had been renamon ... totally badass
besides that... keep it up!!


Wow. This is going to be one intense story. Can't wait for more.
And Trixie as Impmon's partner, so fits. How is Ultimate and Mega evolution going to work in this? Will there be crests? Or will it be based solely on the bond between pony and Digimon? Because Trixie riding on Beelzemon's shoulder will be an awesome thing to see.

This gonna be good!

I like the story. And Twilight have one of my favoret Digimon as Partner, DORUmon! I love this little fellow!:twilightsmile:

Wow, Dorumon? I never would have guessed that.

Alphamon is a freaking BOSS.

3189710 I didn't want to partner anyone with Renamon because I thought Terriermon was too perfect for Fluttershy and I wanted to limit how many Digimon from each series I paired up. Impmon's the exception because A. he's not with a protagonist and B. I have HUGE plans for him.

3189730 Solely on bonds. I'd have included Spike among the initial cast if I'd thought of including the crests, but I wanted to keep the focus on their partnership and their adventure. In fact, I tried to pick Digimon that either complimented or contrasted their pony partners' personalities for the most part, and they're crucial to each other's growth.

3189927 Oh, speaking of huge plans...

Funny. The Rarity/Palmon situation seems an exact duplicate of the Mimi/Palmon situation from the original. Was that an intentional setup?

3190070 ...huh. Actually, I may re-re-watch Adventure and look at the Mimi/Palmon dynamic closer; I could have been subconsciously influenced by it, but I didn't try to do that.

I need to fight through Frontier before I do anything else, though...

Yep. Right at first, Mimi had trouble being around Palmon, but eventually got used to her.
And then there's the scene when they're back on Earth when Mimi hides Palmon from her parents "because she has a reputation of good taste to maintain."
Palmon: I'm a bad taste?
And that flip-flopped when Palmon became Lilymon, who was apparently quite fashionable.

just saying, besides, if you want to emphatize some cualities of the elements, i cannot think in one better honest or loyal digimon as Renamon (and thats why she is my favorite)

i have the Digimon Masters Online game, and i have her in the game XD

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