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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.


You know what guys & girls. we need more Digimon cross-over fanfictions, cause Digimon was my childhood, aside from Pokemon, so i think we need to give Digimon some love'n.

Now i already know i have a Digimon fanfic already, but i think we need MORE Digimon fanfics! so in this fanfic, you'll see one of my OG favorite digimon of all times go through Equestria, and solve problems while also solving his own mystery on why he's in the MLP universe. hopefully you guys like where Magnamon's journey in Equestria goes, and see him demonstrate his power and skills to the ponies, while also learning a thing or two from them.

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Oh, Digimon. Definitely putting this on to my read list. Also, hi:heart:

10279855 Nothing much. Just saw this story and I love Digimon so I decided to check it out. Love your bio pic btw:heart:

I already added this to my library when I found out this was a Digimon fic.

Hey digimon hey digimon champions of the digiworld hey digimon hey digimon ultimate friends to the boys and girls

Ok. For the pics. You'll see a picture of a mountain and a sun. You click that and you will need the the url of whatever picture you are wanting to show us. Also. Good story. Can't wait for more

they were in a very difficult situation, enough so that only a miracle could help them

what's the url? also thanks for liking what i got so far.

thanks. its a picture of me & my girlfriends oc's

Well. When you want to show us a pic. You right click the image go to view image and in the search bar you will copy and paste the url and then click the picture icon I mentioned and paste the url in the part of the story where you want to place it.


Like this

Thanks for the tip man! now i know how to add a pic to any of my fics, if i think it needs it.

No prob. If you need help. Just ask and I'll do my best to help ya

Well this will be interesting to see, specially seeing such a strong digimon here.
What a good way to celebrate for the release/announcement of the pendulum Z!
Hope to read more about it soon.

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But on the offical digimon wiki it is considered an armor/mega digimon

plus all of the Royal Knights are Mega-Level

while that is true, it's also known that all the Royal Knights are Mega-Level, so that's what i'm going with for this story.

I know but in some video game i play he a ultimate level weird

Brutal that is the only way I can describe this I would say shining had it coming but I don't think anybody deserves the wrath of a royal knight

now imagine they were facing a less friendly royal knight like LordKnightmon (Crusadermon)

while it is brutal, i thought it was necessary, as the guards in the TV (which i base 90% of all of my fics on) are total wimps and useless. so having someone like Magnamon show them how weak and disappointing they are to even be considered a 'Royal Guard' will make them better themselves, especially if they have a role model like Magnamon might want them to be better.

True the royal guard to need to toughen up

i've got most of the next chapter down, let's just say once the Crystal Empire arc happens, Celestia's guards will have a new head honcho.



:rainbowdetermined2: at 0:26

Before Shining Armor could even fully build up his magic and strike, the stallions—as well as every unicorns—eyes went wide, as they watched a massive pillar of golden yellow and white light erupted from Magnamon, as if a volcano went critical! While the earth ponies and pegasi couldn’t see the pillar of light, they could FEEL the immense energy that was emitting from the Mega Digimon, but regardless of tribe, every member of the guard present in the training hall buckled, and either dropped to their haunches or onto their stomachs, as every pore on their body began sweating. As for the ponies of the castle, from maids to the butlers, gardeners, kitchen staff, to even the princesses. Celestia bolted from her desk and looked around herself with a frightened look, while Luna was awoken from her sleep with a jump and a start as if waking from a horrible nightmare.

Will gold Rapidmon make an appearence?

i'm finalizing the latest chapter right now.

End of prologue change gust to guest

Good chapter but I spotted a few grammatical errors here and there small though they are I still caught em

Do you have a laptop? If so save the pictures you want to use as a jpeg.

chapters up. sorry for the wait, had to work on a few other fic chapters.

so far all the stories iv read from you have been great

thanks:twilightsmile: hopefully i can keep that pleased statement going.

While the Maga Digimon

Mega. Not.. Maga..

aside my goof in grammar, what do you think of the chapter?

I like it. Magnamon does not fuck around. He put Torch in his place in a instant. Like swatting a fly. It was so cool

interesting chapter.

Next time Magnamon vs King Sombra return of the Crystal Empire ..... oh that should be good 😈

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