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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.

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dreams a wonderous blissing where the mind plays events of anything that could happen, and give the dreamer a wonderful spectacle. but like everything in life, there are two sides to everything. and to the other side of wonderful dreams, their will always be a horrendous nightmare.

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there are a vast amount of other worlds out there in the multi-verse, with different forms of life across them all, and sometimes the beings from these other worlds cross paths with other lifeforms from other worlds. Once such paths crossing was between humans and Digimon, however, this story is of a different crossing. This story follows the adventures of a Flamedramon that has been caught in a spatial distortion, which took him from the digital world to the world of My Little Ponies, Equus. And here is his story on how the Fire of Courage became one of Equus’s greatest heroes.

Note: just because this fic has the Sex tag, doesn't mean there will be a lot of clop scenes. it will mostly be like very erotic lines and so on, with a few actual scenes.

-so aside from Magnamon (who was the star of me 2nd Digimon fanfic), my all time favorite Digimon is Flamedramon. like guys, i have to many plushies and toys of this guy, he's my Digimon partner!!!! so now he's going to be the star of my 3rd Digimon cross-over fanfic that I've been working on behind the scenes.

-now there will be a few surprises in this fic that I won't list here (until it shows up in the fic), but to give you a little tid-bit, this Flamedramon will get new moves, as well as OG Digi-volution. hopefully you all find this cross-over fic enjoyable, and don't worry, I PLAN to finish this one.

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Sweetie Belle was alone and bored, as her friends were either busy or out of town. and when she goes out to look for something to do, the little filly discovers something in the Everfree Forest, and this something is a wild Pokémon, a Goomy! now Sweetie and her friends have a squishy, slippery, and cute little friend, and protector.

-this is going to be a 10 (or 12) chapter fic.

-now this is my first Pokémon crossover fic that I'm writing, again this is a more spur of the moment kind of fic. But this time I have a more general idea on where to go with this story (BUT that still means that if i loose creative interest in this fic, it could be canceled). Now just a little heads up, this Goomy will have access to more than just four moves, as some other Pokémon fics I've read have had Pokémon characters have more than four moves.
-here is the stats of what this Goomy will have for the story, and the moves it will learn:

Goomy (the Soft Tissue Pokémon)
Type: Dragon.
Ability: Gooey – contact with the Pokémon lowers the attacker’s Speed stat.
Moves: Bubble/Tackle/Bide/Dragon Breath.
New Moves learned before Evolving: Muddy Water/Body Slam.

Sliggoo (the Soft Tissue Pokémon)
Type: Dragon.
Ability: Gooey – contact with the Pokémon lowers the attacker’s Speed stat.
Moves: Dragon Breath/Muddy Water/Body Slam/Bide.
New Moves learned before Evolving: Rain Dance/Water Pulse.

Goodra (the Dragon Pokémon)
Type: Dragon.
Ability: Gooey – contact with the Pokémon lowers the attacker’s Speed stat.
Moves: Dragon Breath/Muddy Water/Bide/Water Pulse/Power Whip/Outrage/Rain Dance.

-and here is a link to my DeviantArt where i'll make pics that might appear in this fic from time to time.
Link: https://www.deviantart.com/gameoverlord23/gallery/75833913/pokemon

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Fillies and Gentlecolts, get ready to see two of Equestria's heroines battle it out, in a game of gamers pride as they defend the honor and style of play they each use in one of their favorite card games! Who will win this bout between friends, which Civilization will reign supreme? stick around and find out dear ponies, for this, is going to be one for the ages!

-my friends and I love TC games, and we've sunk a lot of money into buying cards, and a few other things related to said games. this fic is based one of one of my friends favorite card games, and its TV show. hopefully ya'll like this fic!

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Humanity send in a mechanical beast to explore a new world they just recently discovered; however, this world wasn’t uninhabited. Now the machine documents everything these unusual, yet intriguing creatures have to show…but will the creatures the machine discovered be welcoming to its creators, or not? Only time, and the future will tell.

Small Update: considering there are going to be more than one robot than I planned to be using for the story, I decided to change the title. credit for the new title is thanks to a fic-reader by the name of, RanBro.

Update 11/08/2020 - okay so....I'm at a lost for how to take this fic further, at the moment! so for the time being, I'm deciding to label this fic as Complete, but will make a sequel that will continue the story.

-now this fic just popped into my head and i couldn't get it out of my head, so i could focus on my other fics. not sure if this is going to be a frequently updated story, as it was spur of the moment that i just had to write down.

-the official size prompt is this. When compared to Ponies.
Adult Pony: 4 - 4.5ft. tall.
Foals: 2 - 3ft. tall.
Luna & Cadence: 5 - 5.5ft.
Celestia: 6ft.

-R.O.V.E.R (is basically twice the size of an African male lion.)
Height: 14.4ft. (head to feet)/Length: 21.5ft. (head to tip of tail)/Weight: 1505lbs.

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an adverb player of Buddyfight and his Buddy Monster get sent to the Equestrian Girls universe, and when they arrive, they noticed that some illegal monsters are causing havoc. So now Adrian and his new friends have to stop these monsters, well mostly Adrian and his buddy will have to deal with them, but who cares really. The illegal monsters need to be stopped.

Authors Notes:
-now this should be pretty obvious, but for this fanfic i'll have a few original cards, but not to many. the only OG cards is the main Impact that Adrian uses, as well as a new monster or two for his deck.

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there is nothing worst then getting prank, especially when the people who prank you, know you. that is the worst! now while Anon himself is not the victim of a prank, he is the victim of circumstance when when he get's dragged into an escalating prank war. although, he doesn't seem to mind.

Authors Notes:
Just because the story has a Teen rating, and has the Sex tag, there is no actual 'clop' in the story. Just some implied situation, and some things that Anon does in the story.

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You know what guys & girls. we need more Digimon cross-over fanfictions, cause Digimon was my childhood, aside from Pokemon, so i think we need to give Digimon some love'n.

Now i already know i have a Digimon fanfic already, but i think we need MORE Digimon fanfics! so in this fanfic, you'll see one of my OG favorite digimon of all times go through Equestria, and solve problems while also solving his own mystery on why he's in the MLP universe. hopefully you guys like where Magnamon's journey in Equestria goes, and see him demonstrate his power and skills to the ponies, while also learning a thing or two from them.

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Tenor Tune, the son of the now retired ex-Captain of the Guard--Iron Brigade--is in bind. he wants to make his father proud, being the best of the best in the royal guard...but at the same time, Tenor is frustrated that his father's controlling & strict nature prevents him to do the one thing that he wants to do, the thing that earned him his cutie mark. Singing. Will Tenor eventually leave the guard, and finally shrug off his fathers controlling grasp over him, and make his dream of becoming a singer a reality. or will he forgo his dream and remain tied to his fathers way.

-I do NOT own the OC known as Tenor Tune, i am given premmison to use it for this fic. the only OC's I do own are the parent figure characters & a barmaid mare I created to help play the story.

-the inspiration for this fic comes from one of my followers, SilentStrike, who wanted to see if I can make a story around his OC. hopefully I'll end up making something good. and if SilentStrike reads this, I hope I do your OC justice, i even drew a quick sketch of the OC to help me visualize him. and thank you again for the Follow.

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Stacy Heartfelt has always had trouble being in crowds, or with people she might think she’s weird or socially awkward. But she manages to make some friends, and they encourage her to be more outgoing and take the chance to give new things a try. During a comic-con Stacy was dressed up as Zoe from Digimon Frontier, when she buys a life-like replica of Zoe’s digi-vice from the show Stacy is brought to a new world, one that will challenge her courage & bravery in the face of a dark evil

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