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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.


Sometimes friends come in all shapes and sizes, and can come from the most of unlikely of places. but having friends from parallel worlds, well that's diffidently a new one. so what would happen when a Pokémon trainer on the way of winning a Pokémon league, gets teleported to Equestria, well I can tell you that things get weird, funny, and an adventure for the trainer to find his way home while helping his new friends deal with an invading wave of darkness and hunger.

now to give just a little context for you my readers, this fic takes place roughly a month or so after the start of Season 1 of MLP: FiM, but it will deviate in having story elements tweaked.

another bit of info I wish to give you is that while the Pokémon do have their 4 usual moves, in this fic, they will have some normal type moves for basic attacks. so something akin to Pokken Tournament. also Matt, the trainer will also take part in battles and fights (which honestly all trainers should have some level of skill in:ajbemused:)
-as for the team of Pokémon:

Camerupt (the Eruption Pokémon - Male)
Type: Fire/Ground.
Ability: Solid Rock – reduces damage from super-effective attacks.
Mega Ability: Sheer Force – removes added effects to increase move damage.
Moves: Eruption/Earth Power/Yawn/Lava Plume.

Lycanroc (the Wolf Pokémon/Midnight - Female)
Type: Rock.
Ability: No Guard – Ensures attacks by or against the Pokémon land.
Moves: Rock Slide/Counter/Payback/Play Rough.

Mienshao (the Martial Arts Pokémon - Female)
Type: Fighting.
Ability: Inner Focus – the Pokémon is protected from flinching.
Moves: Detect/Bounce/Blaze Kick/Force Palm.

Kingdra (the Dragon Pokémon - Male)
Type: Water/Dragon.
Ability: Sniper – powers up moves if they become critical hits.
Moves: Smokescreen/Hydro Pump/Twister/Icy Wind.

Probopass (the Compass Pokémon - Male)
Type: Rock/Steel.
Ability: Sturdy – it cannot be knocked out with one hit.
Moves: Lock-On/Zap Cannon/Magnet Bomb/Rock Tomb.

Alolan Ninetales (the Fox Pokémon - Female)
Type: Ice/Fairy.
Ability: Snow Cloak – Raises evasion in a hailstorm.
Moves: Ice Beam/Confuse Ray/Dazzling Gleam/Aurora Veil.

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Yo this is an amazing start so far. Definitely looking forward to seeing more

hopefully what I upload will keep you intrigued.

Oh definitely. I read a few Pokémon x MLP stories before and I always enjoy them a lot :pinkiehappy:

also Matt, the trainer will also take part in battles and fights

You mean like in the manga, when one time Celosia used a Honedge as an actual sword to attack Y?

now while there is a 'Sex' tag in this story there's not much clop,

‘Not much’ means some. Does that mean there will be a side story posted, the rating will be turned up to ‘mature’ or did you mean ‘references to sex’. Because ‘clop’ means actual smut.

Interesting, have a like.
You should probably change the summary a bit though. The sex tag is meant for describtion more than actuall smut. It doesn't mean clop.

This is going to be exciting

Comment posted by Knives deleted August 30th
Comment posted by Knives deleted August 30th

Before I read: Which Lycanroc, Day or Night?

Great start. I’m a sucker for Pokémon crossovers, so this is promising for me. I don’t have much of an opinion on Matt yet, but I have high hopes. Keep up the good work.

Hey this is really good I love pokemon Hope you upload more chapters soon

more reference than actual ch. or side stuff. like I said, it more awkward teenage & adolescent anix.

really? i though the sex tag is used for all fics that feature any kind of sexual content, whether intimate or just lewd talk or flirtations.

True it is there for that stuff as well, but some use it simply for stuff like describtion of bodies and questions about the subject. Basically the sex tag is there for if the subject is at all mentioned or is going to be mention. That's the point of the red tags, they're warnings for why a story is rated T or M.

AH! well in that case, no sex tag for this story then, as its just awkward humor.

I just read the prologue and first chapter, and now I understand what you meant by the Trainer taking part in battles. I didn't consider the idea of Trainers actually battling alongside their Pokemon.

I mean this SHOULD be an actual thing! trainers leaving home to go on journey's they should have SOME level of self-defenses training to ensure they can protect themselves!!!!!! also battling along side your Pokémon, I think that's bad ass instead of the trainer standing at a safe distance and providing more field of vision for his/her Pokémon partner.

Guess you can say that was a…ROCKY first meeting

Ehhh~ ehhh get it :rainbowlaugh:

But on a serious note that first meeting could’ve gone better. Then again this is rainbow dash we are talking about

Seems alright so far. Would have liked the Pokémon types to be more diverse on his team rather then multiple of the same types since I’m assuming that there’s not gonna be anymore Pokémon here to catch (at least I hope there wont be). Other then that its not bad.

This is really good so far, keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

Rainbow Dash... i love you but you are an idiot, :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

Oooooo. This is pretty good. I like it

It'd be quite interesting if Fluttershy's talent worked for pokespeak but not human language.

Damnit mate your chapters are so good and you cliff hang at the right moment I mean right when I thought they were going to talk but then bam cliff hanger you a tease keep up the great work 👍❤️

well the current team he has now is the one he took to his semi-final battles. he does have other Pokémon but they are at his families ranch. as for other Pokémon being introduced I have a few notes for this if i decided to. but right now, the Pokémon Matt has now is what he has.

true. normally i'd be fine with RD just being a head strong idiot because she's my least favorite Mane 6, but i am trying to do her some justice. so yeah RD was a little brash in what she did, but you have to admit: from RD's pov seeing 2 unknown creatures flying towards your home, its best to chase them off before they COULD do anything dangerous.

you'll just have to see.
but i can already guarantee that it going to take some time before the ponies & Matt can talk to each other.

True. HOWEVER one CANT automatically assume they are dangerous. Just because there are unknown creatures doesn’t mean they are here to cause trouble

i am a girl after all, teasing is what we do :ajsmug:
it also helps keeping people wanting for more.

hopefully it keeps you interested to see where I've got written down.

try telling that to RD. Fluttershy has already tried.

I'm sure it will. Keep up the good work

So from what I can get at so far, the ponies can understand Matt HOWEVER Matt can’t understand them? That correct

The natural instinct when a human sees something cute: Pet It

i dont think so i think it was just pinkie being pinkie when she brought him to get something to eat. or she heard his stomach. either or. the better question is do the pokemon understand the ponys and does fluttershy understand the pokemon

We see fluttershy trying to talk to him

Ponies are weak to scritchies, good to know.

My problem with him getting more mons at this stage is that it more then likely means the story is gonna fall into the cliche of the MCs homeworld bringing problems with him. Unless he has the personal PC from sword and shield and can transfer Pokémon between dimensions…..which doesn’t seem likely. Don’t know, would just rather not read another story of an MC being transferred between dimensions and some villans somehow follow him. Now we have to deal with old problems in a new universe.

The antagonist shows up on the side of the world

I don't feel bad for Dash, she never thinks.

don't worry, no evil teams or anything else from the Pokémon universe will be featured in this fic, i already have an entire plot line feature only Matt & his team from his dimension.

i thought i mentioned it, but no. Flutts didn't understand Probopass. i'll add that bit in the next chapter.

well considering that Matt views the ponies as Pokémon, and Pinkie and Fluttershy being friendly, Matt decided to show that he is no harm by displaying plutonic affection.

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