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I guess I should explain. I became the most powerful psychic type Pokémon in the world after buying something for my costume. But when I arrived in my Equestria, ponies were technologically advanced with the earth ponies getting steam powered, pegasi getting wind powered and unicorns getting magic gems powered. But noble ponies have electric powered tech, apparently not even the princesses know about this but then the nobles tried to catch me like they captured pokémon here, with cages, not pokéballs and that frustrated me! Now, here I stand, with my artificial nation, waiting to strike back against Equestria! Come Princesses and Elements! TEST MY STRENGTH!!!!

(Pokémon and My Little Pony isn't mine but if it was, I would be hiring people to help me with story ideas)

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I hope you're not gonna end up like this other displaced author who makes too many displaced stories and never finishes or updates them..

That's most of them, to be fair.

Comment posted by Zepher deleted Mar 17th, 2020

Well, I do have two days where I have time to myself and I use those days to sorta relax

Great story I love it I hope it comes back soon 😁:twilightsheepish:

This is a way cool story man.

Hope this gets updated soon

I am loving this so far I can't wait to see where this goes.






where is next part

Wait patiently, it’ll come out

1 month? Many fics here have several months, if not multiple years between chapters.

Reason for my chapter for taking a while is cause I am thinking what could come next

Please update soon. It's already July.

You could do a time jump to when mewtwo sends out invitations.

Alright. But Psy isn’t like the Mewtwo of the movies. Let me do the story on how I do it.

Just a suggestion is all. I've just seen the movie and that is how it happened.

Need some major help with the editing, the story has way too much rush on it,meaning that you're trying to get two things way too quickly, try to build up upon that so people are anticipating what is going to happen next, if you need to I can help you with any edits. Cuz you need some big help with this story it seems

Please update. This story is good.

Misunderstood monster, trying to conquer Equestria instead of convincing them he means them no harm.

Quite the riddle

Can I recommend a great proofreader? As a means to help out.

This story was all over the place.


Well the Ponies started it for being Assholes! 😡

any new on a update?

Only that it’s in progress.

Progress is better than nothing.

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